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HDFC Smartbuy Summer Treat is here – Get Extra Discounts with E-vouchers

Have you ever wondered why we give gifts? That’s right! To make our loved ones happy. Do you really think a random home decor will cheer them up? The chances are less. How about a designer outfit? Though it has a higher probability of delighting them, we don’t know what they like. Their size is often a big mystery.

This is where gift cards & gift vouchers from HDFC SmartBuy take the stage.

You just send your loved ones an e-voucher in a minute — and they will redeem to order the product they like.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You login to the HDFC SmartBuy and visit a specific brand voucher page.
  2. After selecting the quantity and value of the voucher, you enter the details of the recipient.
  3. The recipient receives the voucher in their SMS/email inbox after making the payment through your HDFC credit/debit card.
  4. They redeem the voucher by visiting the official website/brand outlet of that brand voucher.

Yes, it’s that simple and quick!

Did we mention the discounts on those vouchers?

Most of the vouchers from HDFC SmartBuy come with a flat discount of up to 40% — depending on the brand you are choosing.

And because its Summer HDFC Smartbuy Summer Treat is LIVE, you get additional discounts. On top of that, there are always Reward Points exclusively for HDFC customers.

The reward points can be over 1500 if you are using the eligible credit card (Infinia and Diners Black Credit Card). You can check the details instantly by visiting any brand page through this portal:

Let’s now shift our focus to brands and categories you can choose your voucher from. The catalogue of HDFC SmartBuy has around 160 different brands spanning around 8 categories. This includes vouchers of:

  1. Restaurant chains (KFC Vouchers, Dominos Vouchers, Pizza Hut Vouchers)
  2. Online shopping portals (Amazon Vouchers, Flipkart Vouchers, Myntra Vouchers)
  3. Fashion brands (Biba Vouchers, ALDO Vouchers, Bata Vouchers)
  4. Luxury brands (Tumi Vouchers, Coach Vouchers, GAS Vouchers)
  5. Online Streaming Services (Zee5 Vouchers)
  6. Magazines (Reader Digest’s Vouchers, Business Today Vouchers)
  7. Travel portals & cabs (OLA Vouchers, Makemytrip Vouchers, Yatra Vouchers)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You will be astonished to view the options you have. We keep adding more brands to our kitty to match your expectations.

Use these vouchers for shopping purposes. Or, send them to your loved ones during festivals or weddings & birthdays. The choice is completely yours.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive in:

GyFTR Offer Gift Card & Gift Voucher for over 160+ Brands with instant Discount and Delivery.

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