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Looking for jewellery pieces that express your individuality? Use Mia gift cards to buy the right one.

Mia (Me in Action) is a brand by Tanishq that offers designer jewellery for contemporary women. It allows you to express your identity through exquisite gold and diamond jewellery. From earrings and necklaces to rings and pendants, every piece is designed to help you exude confidence with ease.

These jewellery pieces are versatile, playful, classy, and unique. Other than these trendy and tasteful designs, Mia also offers multiple gold coin options. There’s even a gold coin with Gayatri Mantra engraved on it.

To get these beautiful pieces, use a Mia gift card. GyFTR offers these e-gift cards with great deals and discounts.

Mia gift cards for special occasions

Jewellery is one of the most elegant things you can give to your loved ones. It usually tops the list of best gift items for weddings and other special occasions. And Mia offers you a special collection of jewellery pieces suited for such occasions. Still, there is a possibility you can get confused about which item to select for them. This is where a Mia gift card appears as a solution. The recipient can use it to choose the items they like. Give it to loved ones on all

Mia gift cards for corporate gifting

Corporate gifting needs to be something elegant and unique that leaves a lasting impression. A Mia gift card is one such option. You can send it to your clients as a part of client management. They can redeem it to get stylish jewellery from an applicable outlet near them. This is also an ideal gift you can send to your employees as a part of sales incentives, rewards and recognition, and other employee benefits. Celebrate femininity by sending this voucher to your female employees on occasions like Women’s Day.

How to buy a Mia gift card?

To buy a Mia gift card, follow these steps:

  • Use your credentials to log in to your GyFTR account.
  • Create an account in a minute if not registered.
  • Take your pointer to the Fashion category. Click on Mia from the menu.
  • Choose the denomination of your choice by pressing the ADD button.
  • Multiple vouchers can be chosen. Click on the View/Edit Cart button and pay using available payment methods, including credit card, debit card, net banking, GyFTR pay, or UPI.

How can I redeem my Mia gift card?

Redeem your gift card by following these steps:

  • Use the Store Locator option to find the listed outlet near you.
  • Visit the store and select the jewelry you want to buy.
  • Share the voucher with the executive at the billing counter.

Can I use my GyFTR Pay balance to buy a Mia gift card?

Yes, of course! You can use your GyFTR Pay balance for purchasing a Mia gift card from GyFTR.

How many Mia gift cards can I redeem in one single transaction?

You can use multiple Mia vouchers in a single transaction.

What can I do if I lose my Mia gift card?

Our virtual assistant “Ema” will help you if you lose your Mia voucher. Follow the instructions that appear on the virtual assistant chat window. To open the chat support, press the icon present on the bottom right corner of this page.

Where can I use my Mia gift card?

You can use your Mia gift card at all stores that appear in the Store Locator option. Find those stores by pressing the Store Locator option. You need to type in your city name to get the list of eligible stores. The address of each outlet also appears with the outlet name. Your vouchers aren’t applicable to online purchases of Mia jewellery.

Can I renew my Mia gift card in case it expires?

No, you cannot use/renew your Mia gift card once it expires. This is why we suggest you set a reminder of your voucher’s expiration date. Make sure the reminder is easily accessible via SMS or email. Doing so allows you to use it immediately if you visit a store randomly to buy jewellery.

What happens if the cost of jewellery exceeds the Mia gift cards?

This happens a lot of times. In such scenarios, you have to pay the balance via one of the payment methods applicable at the store.

For how long is a Mia gift card valid?

The validity of your Mia gift card is between 3-12 months. For the exact details, you need to check the voucher message we will send you.

Can I send my Mia gift card to someone else?

Yes, you can send your Mia gift card to anyone else without any trouble. Just share the voucher message instantly via any medium. The recipient can redeem it instantly by following the steps we have discussed above. They need not pay anything extra for this process.

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