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Veridicus Health Care is a leading supplier and exporter of premium quality surgical products. With their contribution to the medical industry, Veridicus Health Care helps improve customer's health. With Veridicus Health Care Gift Vouchers you can purchase high-grade surgical products, wellness products, and Naporene products at great discounts You can also use the Veridicus Health Care Gift Card for medically approved body belts & braces, fracture support products, and even child care products at affordable prices.

As an organization working with world-class orthopedic specialists, veridicus specializes in 400+ pain treatment and pain management solutions, constantly striving to help people with medical needs. 

If you are experiencing consistent pain in any body part such as the wrist, thumb, hands, knees, and shoulders or your doctor has prescribed you to use a fracture aid support, Veridicus Health Care Gift Cards are just for you! With a Gift Card, you can buy any product from this renowned brand and also enjoy cashback that you can use to buy extra support or wellness products. What’s more, if you know someone who can benefit from compression supports or wellness products, you can also send Veridicus Gift Card as a gesture that you truly care for them.

Veridicus Health Care is known for its exceptional customer support where they ensure your wellness and surgical products reach you at the earliest. With cost-effective products, timely delivery, and great quality, Veridicus Health Care has earned a global reputation as a supportive brand for the medical industry. 

Veridicus Health Care Gift Card gives you the best discount on therapy solutions and medical supplies saving you money and time. Invest in a Health Care Card for gifting and shop for the Veridicus Health CareGift Card on www.gyftr.com

Veridicus Gift Cards For Occasions

Accidents are unpredictable, and the need for a cure isn’t. Gift your loved ones healing solutions using Veridicus Health Care Gift Cards. Veridicus Health Care Gift Cards on discounts will help your friends and family save money. Make them feel cared for with medical supplies to choose from on Veridicus Health Care's official website. Additionally, if anyone in your family is suffering from acute and chronic body pains, Veridicus Health Care products can provide them with the right support and care. 

Veridicus Gift Cards For Corporate Gifting

Caring for your employees has become an integral part of the corporate culture. To help you choose the best gifts for your employees that express your concerns for them, Gyftr presents you with the Vd on discount. Veridicus Health Care Gift Card can be used to shop for office medical care and first aid supplies as well be gifted to new employees as part of their onboarding.

How To Buy A Veridicus Gift Card?

  • To buy a Veridicus Health Care Gift Card, visit www.gyftr.com
  • Log in using your account credentials
  • On the search bar, type ‘Veridicus Health Care 
  • Select your preferred denomination from the ADD button
  • Click on the BUY NOW button and pay for your Gift Card

How To Redeem A Veridicus Gift Card?

  • Visit the official website of Veridicus Health Care.
  • Add healthcare and wellness products you need to your cart.
  • To redeem the Gift card, choose the Gift Card option before making the payment
  • Pay the remaining amount with your credit/debit card, if any.


Why Should You Purchase A Veridicus Health Care Gift Card?

A Veridicus Health Card helps you avail of discounts on all products from Veridicus Health Care. Now you can purchase all your surgical essentials like gloves, masks, gears, medical appliances, and much more at affordable prices and save using a Veridicus Health Care Card. The Health Care Card helps you earn a discount on your purchase of medical supplies, wellness products, and surgical products from Veridicus Health Care

Is It A Physical Gift Card?

No, The Veridicus Health Card Gift Card is not a physical Gift Card. You will receive your Gift Card via SMS and email. 

How Many Times Can A Veridicus Health Care Gift Card Be Used?

The Veridicus Health Care Gift Card can be used/redeemed only once. The Veridicus Health Card Gift Cards work as a form of payment that can be used to make purchases at their online store. 

What If My Veridicus Health Care Gift Card Expires?

Gyftr advises you to redeem your Veridicus Health Card Gift Car before the validity date. The Gift Card shall be invalid after the date mentioned in the details of the Gift Card

What Are The Available Denominations Of A Veridicus Health Care  Gift Card?

The available denominations of a Veridicus Health Care Gift Card are as follows

  • Rs. 250
  • Rs.500
  • Rs.1000
  • Rs.1500
  • Rs.2000
  • Rs. 2500
  • Rs. 5000

Can The Verdicius Health Care Card Be Clubbed With Other Offers?

This Gift Card cannot be clubbed with any other offer currently live on veridicushealthcares.com including cash backs, discounts, etc. on a particular credit/debit card. Additionally, multiple Gift Cards cannot be clubbed in a single invoice/order.

Can I Shop For Veridicus Using Any Mode Of Payment?

Yes, you can shop for Veridicus using a Gyftr Gift Card from any time, anywhere. However, the Veridicus Health Care Cards cannot be used to purchase other Veridicus Gift Cards.

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