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With its origins in the US, Reader’s Digest is read in over 70 countries around the world. For many years, it has remained one of India's largest selling English-language magazines. What makes it a favorite of so many readers is the presence of so many soulful anecdotes and stories. This easy-to-carry magazine maintains a perfect balance between information and entertainment in its pages.

 For many Indians, it is the entry point while developing a reading habit. Whereas for others, it’s their regular dose of witty humor. The best part is that the jokes and humor are family-friendly. No wonder this magazine has been read by several generations of various Indian readers.

You will find features on relationships, travel, technology, humor, and more. It also talks about how to stay in shape with some insightful articles.

In India, a subscriber receives 12 issues of Reader’s Digest per year. Every issue is packed with information about India and the world that keeps you well-informed.

With its online edition, you can access the magazine anywhere you want with a click of a few buttons.

To get discounts on its annual subscription, purchase Reader’s Digest Gift Cards.. More details about the vouchers are discussed below.

Buy Reader’s Digest Gift Cards for amazing benefits

If you like Reader’s Digest magazine, you will love discounts available on its annual subscription from GyFTR. There’s a 40% discount on its annual subscription. We keep on introducing such offers for our esteemed customers.

Buy Reader’s Digest Gift Cards for him

If he’s an avid reader, he will love to receive Reader’s Digest Gift Cards for an annual subscription. This gift is ideal for your father, brother, husband, friend, or someone special. Though it is common to give these vouchers during birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, or Valentine’s Day, you can give them any time you want.

Buy Reader’s Digest Gift Cards for her

Does she love reading? She will definitely appreciate it when you give her the Reader’s Digest annual subscription voucher. It’s something perfect for your mother, sister, wife, friend, or someone special. An ideal gift for every occasion, this can be given during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, Rakshabandhan, or birthdays and anniversaries.

Buy Reader’s Digest Gift Cards for corporate gifting

It can be a good idea to share the Gift Cards of Reader’s Digest with your business contact and employees. Talking specifically about the employees, they can receive these valuable gifts during Diwali, New Year, Christmas, or other special occasions. Many firms already use Reader’s Digest Gift Cards while honoring their employees during R&R sessions. Others use it as a gift for winners of their online/offline contests.

How to buy a Reader’s Digest Gift Cards?

To purchase the Reader’s Digest Gift Cards:

  1. Choose the number of annual subscription vouchers.
  2. Click on the CHECKOUT button.
  3. Pay via one of the applicable modes of payment.

You will get your voucher immediately.

How to redeem a Reader’s Digest Gift Cards?

To redeem your Reader’s Digest Gift Cards:

  • Visit indiatoday.in/digitalmagazines.
  • Select Reader’s Digest magazine on the page that opens.
  • On the order page, fill in your details and apply the voucher code in front of the Enter Promo Code
  • Your voucher will be redeemed instantly.

Can I share my Reader’s Digest voucher code with someone else?

Yes, you can share your Reader’s Digest voucher code with anyone else. The recipient needs to follow the same process of redeeming the voucher online.

Is the voucher of Reader’s Digest applicable to the physical magazine issues?

No, the voucher of Reader’s Digest is applicable only to the online editions of the magazine.

Is it possible to renew my Reader’s Digest Gift Cards in case it expires?

No, you cannot use or renew a Reader’s Digest Gift Cards once it expires. This is why we recommend you set a reminder for your voucher’s expiration date. Make sure you can easily access the voucher via SMS or email.

Can I use my GyFTR Pay amount to buy a Reader’s Digest Gift Cards?

Yes, you can use your GyFTR Pay amount to buy a Reader’s Digest Gift Cards from GyFTR.

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