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An online supermarket from India, BigBasket offers all your daily essentials from a single portal. You can get milk, bread, groceries, vegetables, fruits, and other necessities with a click of a few buttons. This online grocery store delivers all these and a myriad of other items in the shortest possible time. It currently serves people from 25 Indian cities. When you browse through its website, you will come across 1000 brands offering a staggering 20k+ products.

The company takes the hygiene of its products very seriously. The fresh vegetables and fruits are handpicked and hand cleaned by the expert staff of the company. They also hand pack those fruits & veggies in reusable plastic trays that are covered with cling.

BigBasket Gift Card for your loved ones

Thinking about giving them box chocolates? Or, an assorted pack of dried fruits? For occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, there are several packaged items available in the market. How about giving them the option to choose whatever they like. A Voucher of BigBasket from GyFTR makes it possible. Send it to your dad, mom, son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife, or other special people instantly. It makes for a perfect present as a birthday Gift Voucher, wedding Gift Voucher, Anniversary Gift Voucher, housewarming, Diwali Gift Voucher, and other special days.

BigBasket Gift Card for Corporate Gifting

When searching for corporate Gifts, you might come across options like pen drives, stationery, home decor items, etc. The recipients -- your employees or clients -- don’t always appreciate them. A major reason is that they already have these items and won’t prefer to get something again and again. If we specifically talk about the clients, they often get such products from various vendors and business contacts. It will look like a clone of those products. Better Solution: Give them a Big Basket Gift Card. They will use it to the fullest to buy beverages, gourmet food, or grocery staples. 

What can I purchase using my BigBasket Gift Voucher?

Using your Gift Voucher of Big Basket, you can purchase that’s available on its online store or mobile application. This includes foodgrains, beverages, fruits & vegetables, gourmet & world food. There are no restrictions on what you can purchase from this online retailer.

I have multiple BigBasket Vouchers with me. Can I use them during a single transaction?

Yes, you can use all your BigBasket Vouchers during a single transaction without any issue.

What is the validity of a BigBasket e-Voucher Gift Voucher available from GyFTR?

The validity of a BigBasket e-Voucher being sold on GyFTR is between 3 to 12 months. You will get these details via email / whatsapp / SMS with your Voucher code.

What happens if the store is offering a BigBasket discount on its products?

That would be great news for you! We are saying this because you can still use your Voucher to purchase items you need or like.

How do I send a BigBasket e-Gift Voucher to someone directly?

These steps let you send a BigBasket e-Gift Voucher directly to your nears, dears, and acquaintances: 

  1. Select the Voucher value & quantity you want to send them.
  2.  Check the box saying “I am Gyfting.”
  3. Choose your message, occasion and mention the contact details of the recipient.
  4. Make the payment through available methods.

They will receive the Voucher in their SMS/Email inbox in a few minutes.

I have lost my BigBasket Gift Card. Can I get the duplicate Voucher code?

We are happy to help you get a duplicate Voucher in case you have lost your original one. You can use the virtual chat assistant for this purpose. Here’s how:

  1. Press chat assistant or whatsapp help icon on the bottom right of this page.
  2. From the options that appear, choose the “I have lost my Voucher” option.
  3. Share your mobile number and the OTP as guided by the virtual chat assistant.
  4. You will receive the Voucher details instantly after you follow these steps.

How to redeem my BigBasket Voucher?

Follow these steps to redeem your BigBasket Voucher:

  1. Login to your account on BigBasket using your mobile number.
  2. Open your wallet and click on the My Gift Cards from the options on the left side.
  3. Enter the BigBasket Gift Voucher code and PIN in the space provided.
  4. The amount of the Voucher will be added to your wallet.

You can use this amount to purchase the products of your choice.

Where can I use my BigBasket Gift Voucher?

You can use your BigBasket e-Voucher on the smartphone app or web store of BigBasket.

Do you offer a physical Voucher for BigBasket?

At GyFTR, we believe in offering a seamless shopping and Gifting experience to our customers. This is made possible with digital Gift Cards of BigBasket and all other brands listed on it. You can easily store, carry, and redeem these Vouchers without worrying about losing it. By using these electronic Vouchers, you are doing your part in saving the environment by not using plastic Cards.

I have some amount in my GyFTR Pay balance. Can I use it to purchase a BigBasket e-Gift Card?

Yes, while paying for your BigBasket Voucher, you can use your GyFTR Pay balance without any difficulty.

What happens if my total bill is more than the value of the BigBasket Gift Card?

The value of the BigBasket Gift Card you purchase gets added to the wallet of this online grocery app. This means it doesn’t matter what your final bill, as the final payment of your order will be done via wallet. You can pay the remaining balance through one of the available payment methods.

Can I use your BigBasket Voucher partially?

You will get a one-time use BigBasket Voucher from GyFTR. If you want to use it partially, add the amount to your wallet, and then use as much amount as you want.

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