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Do you wish to make learning more active & fun for your children? With Play ’N’ Learn Gift Cards you can introduce your kids to a Play Area that’s out of the world and at a great discount. When you use a Play ’N’ Learn Gift Card you can access an exciting range of activities like Ball Pool, Trampoline, Indoor Sports Arena, and more. Don’t Worry! The environment is completely safe & hygienic. Play ’N’ Learn is ideal for the age group 2 - 10 years. Best believe that every child present receives special treatment. So it’s time to Play and Learn with Play ‘N’ Learn Gift Cards & add immense joy to your kid’s life. 

Play ‘N’ Learn Gift Cards for Special Occasions. 

Gifts for kids should always be fun, and age-appropriate. It should be able to encourage imagination and physical activity. Gift your kids, nephew or nieces, or friends’ kids a Play ’N’ Learn Gift Card for upcoming occasions. Some special occasions that are perfect to gift Play ’N’ Learn Gift Card are Birthdays, Children’s Day, Important Milestones or maybe if you just want to let the kids around you have the best time ever. 

Play ‘N’ Learn Gift Cards for Corporate Gifting 

Play ‘N’ Learn Gift Cards for Corporate Gifting surely does sound unusual. But it can definitely be a great gift for employees or business partners that are parents. They can use Play ‘N’ Learn Gift Cards for their kids or nephew and nieces. Gifts like Play ‘N’ Learn Gift Cards never go to waste. They can always be used and thus this is still a great Corporate Gift. 

How To Buy Play 'N' Learn Gift Cards from GyFTR?

Buy Play 'N' Learn Gift Cards by following the steps given below : 

  • Visit www.gyftr.com to shop 
  • On the homepage, select the ‘Entertainment’ section & Click on ‘Play ‘N’ Learn’
  • Select your preferred denomination and checkout 
  • Click on Checkout and complete your transaction 

You will receive your Play 'N' Learn Gift Card a few minutes after completing the transaction. 

How To Redeem Play 'N' Learn Gift Cards?

To redeem Play 'N' Learn Gift Cards, follow the steps given below  

What is the validity period of my Play 'N' Learn Gift Card?

The validity period of Gift Cards offered by GyFTR is usually valid between 3 to 6 months. To know the exact validity period of your Gift Card, check your Play 'N' Learn Gift Card Details.

Is this a Physical Gift Card?

GyFTR does not provide Physical Gift Cards. This is a Play 'N' Learn E-Gift Card. You will receive your Play 'N' Learn Gift Card via SMS or Email a few minutes after the transaction has been completed. 

What if my Play 'N' Learn Gift Card expires?

It’s best to use your Play 'N' Learn Gift Card before the expiration date to avoid disappointment. 

What are the available denominations of the Play 'N' LearnGift Card?

The available denomination of a Play 'N' Learn Gift Card is

  • ?900
  • ?2000

Can I share my Play 'N' Learn Gift Card with someone else? 

Yes, you can share your Play 'N' Learn Gift Card with your loved ones. It is a thoughtful gifting option. Ensure you share the correct Gift Card details & redemption procedure.

What are the applicable payment methods? 

To buy Play 'N' Learn Gift Cards you can pay using your Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI & EPay 

What if I lose my Play 'N' Learn Gift Card? 

In case you lose your Play 'N' LearnGift Card, follow the steps given below 

  • Visit GyFTR’s homepage at www.gyftr.com 
  • On the bottom right of the homepage, click on the Virtual Chat Assistant Option.
  • Choose the ‘I have lost my voucher’ option.
  • Enter the mobile number used to purchase the Play 'N' Learn Gift Card.
  • From the listed brands, select ‘Voot Kids’.
  • Choose the transaction date to recover your Play 'N' LearnGift Card.
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