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These stores aren’t just limited to groceries and dairy products. You will find a vast range of personal care and cleaning products. That’s not all! There is a myriad of apparel, home decor products, footwear, and home appliances. Each store is designed in such a manner that shoppers can easily locate the products they are searching for. For many consumers, reasonable pricing is what makes More a preferred shopping destination. You can enjoy extra savings with More Gift Cards that are available at discounted prices from Gyftr.

Buy More Supermarket Gift Cards for your loved ones

Your loved ones are going to appreciate it when you share More SuperMarket Gift Cards with them. They can easily redeem while purchasing their daily essentials from a More supermarket near them. These Gift Cards are perfect for occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. Many individuals regularly share these Gift Vouchers with their parents who are staying far away.

Buy More Supermarket Gift Cards for corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifts are usually those dull, generic items that the recipients often do not use. It is always better to give something useful--such as More Supermarket Gift Cards. Whether you are looking for something to develop good relations with business contacts or want a useful product for your employees, you can trust More Supermarket Gift Cards.

How to get additional discounts on More Gift Cards

For additional discounts, you can use the loyalty points of your IndusInd Credit Card, Petro Card, RBL Credit Card to purchase More Gift Vouchers. In fact, you can get Gift Cards for FREE with sufficient loyalty points.

What can I purchase with More Gift Cards?

You can purchase everything offered at More supermarkets using your Gift Voucher. The Voucher isn’t applicable for online purchases.

How to Buy a More Supermarket Gift Card?

Buying a More Gift Card is extremely straightforward:

  • Sign Up / Login to your Gyftr account
  • Visit the More Supermarket page
  • Select the Voucher value and quantity
  • Click on Checkout and pay using available modes

How to redeem More Gift Cards?

Follow these steps to redeem a More Supermarket Gift Card:

  1. Use the Outlet Locator option on this page to find the eligible outlets near you.
  2. Visit one of these outlets and choose the products you want to order.
  3. At the billing counter, show your More Supermarket Gift Card code.

The executive will deduct the Voucher value from your bill.

What to do if the final bill is more than the More Supermarket Voucher amount?

In case the More Supermarket Voucher amount crosses the final bill, pay the rest with cash or other payment modes.

The More Supermarket is running a sale. Can I still redeem my Voucher?

Yes, even if More Supermarket is running a sale, you can still redeem your Voucher without any hassle. Many patrons of GyFTR purchase the Vouchers at the discounted rates and use those when the stores are running a sale or promotional offers.

How to send More Supermarket Gift Cards to someone else directly?

The process of sending a More Supermarket Gift Card to someone else is extremely simple:

  • Add the Voucher to the cart by tapping on the ADD button.
  • Click on the checkbox: I am Gyfting.
  • Enter the details of the recipient: phone number, name, etc. Enter the message you want to send along with the Voucher.
  • Click on the CHECKOUT button. Pay for the Voucher with one of the applicable modes.

In a few mins, they will get the Voucher.

What to do if I am unable to find my More Supermarket Gift Voucher code?

You need not worry even if you lose your More Supermarket Voucher code. Just click on the virtual chat assistant icon present on the bottom side of the window. You will notice multiple options. Choose “I have lost my Voucher.” Enter the mobile number you used to purchase your Voucher. Follow the instructions and get your Voucher in a few mins again.

How to save more on More Supermarket shopping?

  • Buy Vouchers during shopping festivals or sales
  • Redeem Vouchers when More outlets running promotions
  • Redeem reward points earned on your Bank’s credit/debit Card
  • Participate in contests that GyFTR organizes

Buy 250+ Brands Gift Cards at www.gyftr.com for Different Occasions. 

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