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What is a gift voucher?

A gift voucher is a prepaid brand voucher that comes loaded with a certain value. You can redeem this voucher when shopping from the website or an outlet of that brand. It is also known by other names, such as gift card, e-voucher, e-gift voucher, brand voucher, or instant voucher.

Why choose GyFTR to buy a gift voucher?

There are several reasons to buy a gift voucher from GyFTR, including:

Multiple options to choose from: On a single platform (GyFTR), you will find the brand vouchers of more than 160 brands. These options ensure there is something for everyone, ranging from daily essentials and medicines to travel and fashion-related vouchers. The list keeps on increasing with the addition of new brands every few weeks.

No membership or convenience fee: It is common for shoppers to pay a convenience fee when purchasing a gift voucher from similar portals. To avail discounts, various portals also charge some hidden fee or membership fee. You need not worry about such fees and unwanted payments when purchasing an e-voucher from here. What you see on a brand page in the form of voucher value is what you pay at the end. You pay less than that if there’s a discount on the voucher of that particular brand.

Amazing deals and discounts: A smart shopper seeks discounts on whatever he/she buys. And, a discounted gift voucher is what such smart shoppers rely upon regularly. On GyFTR, you get great discounts on brand vouchers of numerous brands. The discounts can be up to 40% on some brands. Plus, there are some special deals, like a FREE PROMO CODE of online memberships or streaming services with many vouchers. Yeah, that’s what we call smart shopping.

Platinum Customer Support for Everyone: You don’t require special membership to get a platinum treatment. Every registered user of GyFTR is a platinum member for us. This is why we believe in delivering the best support whenever you call us or email us. We have recently introduced AI-based chat support that gives answers to most of your voucher-related queries in an instant.

How does a Gift Voucher work?

Let’s have a look at how a gift voucher works:

  1. You visit the brand page of a brand whose voucher you want to purchase from GyFTR. While on the page, you select the quantity and denomination (value) of the voucher.
  2. Next, you visit one of the outlets or official websites of the brand. The details are present on the respective page.
  3. You choose the products you need to buy from the store (online or offline).
  4. When paying for your order, you present the gift voucher code to the cashier. If you are paying online, you need to enter the code on the payment page. For example, you need to enter an Amazon gift voucher code when purchasing stuff from Amazon’s website or app.
  5. The value of the voucher will be subtracted from the bill. For the remaining amount, you need to use the payment methods available in the store.

There can be tiny variations in this journey, depending on the brand you choose. All the details about redeeming a voucher are present on the relevant pages. And, we are always here to guide you through the process in case you feel confused.

Gift Voucher Categories from GyFTR

Food & Beverage Gift Vouchers

A day is wasted if it’s without good food. All foodies will relate to this statement. For foodies like you, we have gift vouchers from pizza chains, themed restaurants (Sigree & Machan), coffee chains (CCD & Costa Coffee), and even online delivery & table booking apps (Zomato Pro & Swiggy). Check if your favorite food chain’s voucher is listed.

Mobile & Electronics Gift Vouchers

Modern gadgets and smartphones are a necessity in this digital age. Even an hour without electronics and a phone makes you feel disconnected. If you plan to buy your next phone or electronic equipment soon, use a voucher from GyFTR. We have listed Croma, Blaupunkt, Go Noise, Helios, Thomson, and other trending brands.

Apparel & Accessories Gift Vouchers

Fashion adds colors to your monotonous, routine life. It gives you a chance to express yourself with ease. And, it empowers you to leave an impression that lasts long. If you are also a fashionista like us, we have plenty of options for you. Choose from the vouchers of around 50 fashion and accessories with some good discounts. Not just fashion brands, you will also discover the e-vouchers of popular fashion destinations (Shoppers Stop, FBB, Max) that makes shopping a wonderful experience.

Health & Wellness Gift Vouchers

Health is not just about being free of diseases but it’s the overall wellbeing you experience. If you are looking for vouchers for pharmacies and fitness centers, GyFTR is the place to be at. This online destination has listed gift vouchers of online and offline stores that offer beauty and wellness products for both men and women.

Grocery & Home Needs Gift Vouchers

For many families, going grocery shopping is like a mini family outing. Well, some prefer online grocery and home needs shopping due to limited time and more convenience. Whatever may be your preference, you can get the gift voucher of your favorite destination to get your groceries and home needs products from here.

E-Com & Online Gift Vouchers

What if we told you over 2 billion people across the globe did online shopping in 2020? No, we aren’t making this up! A dropshipping company Oberlo reported this surprising fact. Yes, the world is moving online, and we are sure you are one of those smart online shoppers. Make your shopping experience better with gift vouchers of top online shopping portals, including Flipkart, Amazon, and more.

Entertainment & Magazines Gift Vouchers

As a modern-day consumer, we don’t just seek entertainment, we look for quality entertainment. Online streaming services like Zee5 and SonyLiv make it possible with desi and global movies and web-series. Get their vouchers from GyFTR. For all readers out there, GyFTR offers gift vouchers for magazines and online newspapers.

Cabs & Travel Gift Vouchers

If you are a traveler, we have loads of options for you. Discover the gift vouchers of MakeMyTrip, Goomo, FabHotels, AccorPlus, and other online travel agencies and hotel booking portals. You also get to buy OLA and UBER vouchers easily.

Gift Vouchers for weddings

Got invited to a wedding but not sure what to gift? We’ve got you covered! Choose from an array of gift vouchers that work perfectly as a wedding gift. You can send gift vouchers to electronics brands, home essentials brands, travel brands, fashion brands, furniture brands, online shopping brands, or any other brand that you think they will buy from. The recipient, which can be your friend, neighbor, colleague, or business contact, can redeem the voucher seamlessly using the steps mentioned on this page. Many people choose these vouchers when they are unable to attend the wedding personally. They can send these vouchers instantly, along with a customized message.

Gift Vouchers for all occasions

Almost every month, we all are invited by our friends and family to different occasions and events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, housewarming parties, poojas, or other religious and traditional events. It gets confusing to select the right gift for them. Decorative stuff? Nah, that’s too generic! Clothes? We aren’t sure if they will like the color and design. Cash? Do they still give it these days?

Well, Gift vouchers are something people are opting for these days because the recipient gets the freedom to select whatever he/she wants. For example, they can use the Amazon Gift Vouchers you have sent to purchase anything from Amazon they like. The same is true for all other 160 brands on GyFTR.

Gift Vouchers for all festivals

Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and Eid -- a lot of us have unforgettable memories of these festivals. An integral part of these festivals with exchanging gifts with our loved ones. Make them feel special by gifting an e-voucher of the brands they love.

Gift Vouchers from around 160 brands

You need to visit the website of a particular brand to purchase its gift voucher. Well, that’s a regular scenario. GyFTR is striving to change this paradigm. It is making it easier to get the vouchers of your fave brands in a single place. Select from more than 160 brands that suit your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Not just the brands you buy from regularly, you also get to buy the Luxe Gift Cards that are applicable at outlets of around 30 luxury brands, some of which are Steve Maddens, Superdry, and Scotch & Soda. You will find more brands every month, ensuring life never gets boring!!

Endless Gifting Options for everyone

What makes this gifting portal unique is that there’s a gift for every type of person, irrespective of age, gender, region, and lifestyle. For example, someone you know might love to stay updated by reading magazines and books. Give them vouchers of Mint, Business Today, or similar brands. Or, your bae loves to be ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. A voucher for their favorite sounds perfect. Maybe your friend is a big foodie who can’t live without delectable stuff. They will feel rejoiced when you give them Dominos or Pizza Hut. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s have a look at each category in detail in the next section.

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