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Looking for classy footwear and bags? Use a Dune London gift card from GyFTR.

A knee-high boot! Designer clutch bags! Chelsea boots for men! The Dune London offers it all. This fashion house from London has served fashionistas for the last 20 years. When you visit this luxury brand’s outlet, you come across a wide range of fashion footwear and accessories.

These products are crafted with the highest attention to detail. And especially the footwear comes with hidden comfort features and superior designs.

Take a Dune London gift card with you on your next shopping trip. GyFTR offers these vouchers with amazing discounts for shoppers like you.

Dune Gift Cards for your loved ones

Give your loved ones the gift of luxury with Dune gift cards. The recipient can use it to buy shoes, heels, or bags of their choice. This is a suitable present for weddings, anniversaries, festivals, and other special occasions. You can also send it to them on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.

Dune Gift Cards for corporate gifting

A premium corporate gift goes a long way in improving your company’s reputation. Send it to your clients on special occasions. This helps in building strong bonds with them. You can also send it to your employees for their superior performance.

How to buy a Dune Gift Card?

A Dune gift card can be bought by following these tips:

  • Log in to your GyFTR. Register instantly if you don’t have an account yet.
  • Go to the Apparel & Accessories section. Then, choose Brooks Brother from the list.
  • Press the ADD button to select the voucher amount.
  • Press the CHECKOUT button. Pay using one of the payment options.

You will get your voucher instantly.

How to redeem a Dune Gift Card?

Follow these steps for redeeming your Dune gift card:

  • Open the Store Locator option on the page to find the eligible outlets in your city.
  • Visit one of the outlets. Select the items you want to buy.
  • Pay with your gift card at the cash counter.

The attendant will deduct the voucher value from your bill.

What to do if the bill is more than the Dune Gift Card?

If the bill is more than the gift card of the brand, pay the balance via cash or any other payment mode.

Can I send my Dune Gift Card to someone else?

Yes, you can send your Dune gift card to anyone else. They will require only the gift card message to use it. There is no need to pay anything extra or register on any portal.

I have multiple Dune gift cards. Can I use them in a single transaction?

Yes, feel free to use multiple Dune gift cards in a single transaction. However, we advise you to inform the retail store that you will be using your voucher beforehand.

Where can I use my Dune Gift Cards?

You can use your Dune gift cards on eligible outlets of this brand. Find the list of eligible outlets using the Store Locator option on this page. The gift card is also eligible for other brands that come under Luxe Gift Card. Find the list of those brand outlets from here: http://luxegiftcard.com/store-locator.

Can I use my Dune Gift Card when its outlet runs a sale?

We regret to inform you that you can’t use your Dune gift card when its outlet runs a sale.

Can I get a Dune Gift Card again if I lose the original one?

Sure, if you lose your original Dune gift card -- you can get a duplicate voucher again. We don’t charge anything extra for sharing your voucher. Nor, you have to wait too long for this purpose. Just follow these steps:

  • Press the virtual chat assistant icon located on the bottom right side.
  • Choose the option “I Can’t Find My Voucher.”
  • Follow the steps that appear on the chat window.

You’ll get the gift card instantly.

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