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We all wait for those shopping festivals and mega sales by top brands and online stores. What if there was an option to enjoy all the benefits of such sales throughout the year 2024?

We are talking about shopping via a Gift Card. Many modern shoppers purchase their daily needs, apparel, online stuff, and memberships through Gift Cards. This is because most of the Gift Cards come with great discounts. When you redeem it in a store, you get the full value. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Let’s zoom into different aspects of these Gift Cards below.

What is a Gift Card?

A Gift Card is a prepaid brand voucher with a certain amount that you can redeem while purchasing products/services of that brand. It is also known as a gift voucher, e-Gift Card, or brand voucher.

At GyFTR, e-Gift Cards are sent digitally via email and SMS.

How does a Gift Card work?

Here’s how a Gift Card works:

  1. You purchase a Gift Card of a particular brand from GyFTR. While doing so, you need to select the denomination (voucher value).
  2. Depending on the brand of the voucher, you either visit its official website or one of its outlets near you.
  3. When in a store (offline or online), you select the products you need to purchase.
  4. While making the payment, you present the voucher to the cashier. You need to add the voucher code if the order is made online. For example, you need to provide the Amazon Gift Card Code during checkout when you are ordering something from its portal.
  5. The voucher value gets deducted from the total amount of your bill. You have to pay the remaining amount through the payment methods applicable in that offline or online store.

There might be a few tweaks on how you can use a Gift Card for a particular brand. To know the exact steps of redeeming a voucher, you need to visit the page of that specific brand on GyFTR.

Endless Gifting options for everyone

The occasions like Diwali and weddings give us a chance to spend memorable moments with our loved ones. The only challenge is finding the right gift for them. We don’t know precisely what they will not. Nor, we want to give those generic items like flowers or random boxes of sweets.

This is where Gift Cards from GyFTR appear as a better solution. You get to choose the vouchers that specifically match the theme of the occasion or the lifestyle of the recipient.

For example, if you are looking for a gift for someone who loves to travel, give them a voucher for an online travel booking portal. They can plan their holidays as per their choice by redeeming the voucher you have sent.

If your loved ones like dress fashionably, but you don’t know their exact preferences--go for a voucher from a fashion brand. They can use it to select the outfit of their choice.

Tech geeks, gadget lovers, or those who like to upgrade their electronics regularly will like a Croma Gift Card or a voucher for Go Noise or Blaupunkt.

Gift Cards for different occasions

On GyFTR, you can choose e-Gift Cards of brands that go well with occasions as wedding Gift Cards, Anniversaries Gift Cards, engagements Gift Cards, birthdays Gift Cards, housewarming parties, baby showers, births, graduation, etc. You can also choose from plenty of vouchers that work as a perfect gifting option as Diwali Gift Cards, New Year Gift Cards, Christmas Gift Cards, Eid Gift Cards, Rakshabandhan Gift Cards, and other festivals. Many individuals choose Gift Cards for special days as Father’s Day Gift Cards, Mother’s Day Gift Cards, Friendship Day Gift Cards, Teacher’s Day Gift Cards, and all days of Valentine's Week. Or, you send these Gift Cards on any random day, without any special occasion, just to tell them you care. After all, life is a huge celebration.

Gift Cards from 200+ Brands

To purchase a Gift Card of a particular brand, you usually have to visit the official website of that brand. GyFTR is striving to change this paradigm by making available the Gift Cards of as many brands as possible. Currently, you can select from over 160 brands from categories and budgets.

It aims to further increase this number, thereby turning it into the CenterPoint of the shopping.

Apart from a buffet of brands that you consume regularly, there are also some luxurious brands listed on GyFTR. You can purchase Luxe Gift Cards that are redeemable at outlets of around 30 luxurious brands, ranging from Armani Exchange and Jimmy Choo to Michael Kors and Hugo Boss.

Different categories of Gift Cards offered by GyFTR

We understand how difficult it gets to find that perfect Gift Card from the scores of options available. Anyone can get overwhelmed. This is why we have segmented the Gift Card of different brands under various categories. You will these categories on GyFTR:

  • Food & Beverage Vouchers: Discover the Gift Cards of your favorite fast-food restaurants, themed restaurants, and cafes.
  • Mobile & Electronics Vouchers: In an era where the latest gadgets and smartphones are a necessity, getting discounts on your purchases is a boon. Find the Gift Cards of renowned electronics retail stores, audio equipment makers, and online stores at discounted rates.
  • Apparel & Accessories Vouchers: One of the best gifts for a fashion-forward individual is a Gift Card from their favorite fashion house. At GyFTR, you will find e-Gift Cards of all popular brands, ranging from Allen Solly to W For Women.
  • Health & Wellness Vouchers: Due to dysentery lifestyle, work-life imbalance, and exposure to pollution--staying healthy and active has become a bit challenging. Well, you can rely on Gift Cards from the Health & Wellness category to keep yourself and your family healthy. Find vouchers of sports retail chains, online pharmacies, senior care products retailers, offline pharmacy chains, and health & fitness centers.
  • Grocery & Home Needs Vouchers: Thanks to modern retail chains and online stores, shopping for daily essentials, groceries, furniture, and other items has become easier.
  • E-com & Online Vouchers: With a click of a few buttons, now you can buy virtually anything through online marketplaces. A Gift Card from such online shopping stores further enhances your shopping experience. You will find Amazon Gift Cards, Flipkart Gift Cards, and vouchers from all renowned stores.
  • Entertainment & Magazines Vouchers: OTT platforms have made the finest content from across the globe accessible to you via smart devices and computer systems. On GyFTR, you get Gift Cards from such online streaming services at a discounted rate. Not just that, there are jaw-dropping discounts for all popular magazines related to fashion, travel, technology, lifestyle, and cinema.
  • Cabs & Travel Vouchers: It is said traveling satisfies your soul. No wonder globetrotters are some of the happiest individuals on the planet. If you also love to travel, this section is for you. Find Gift Cards of online travel agencies, hotel booking portals, travel membership providers, an app-based cab services.

GyFTR keeps on updating each category with the addition of new brands to ensure there is never a deficiency of choices.

Why choose GyFTR to buy Gift Cards?

Enjoy all these benefits when you buy a Gift Card from GyFTR:

Single platform for multiple vouchers: There are multiple reasons to choose GyFTR for buying Gift Cards. First, you get the vouchers of around 160 brands on a single portal. You don’t have to visit different platforms when looking for the right Gift Card for yourself or someone else.

Instant Gifting: Talking specifically about gifting, you can send the Gift Card instantly through this portal. Unlike regular gifts, you need not wait for days before it gets delivered to your loved ones. The recipient can redeem whatever he or she wants to purchase from that particular brand. For example, if you give them an Amazon Gift Card, they can use it to purchase anything they need from the Amazon online store. Similarly, you can gift a Big Bazaar gift voucher to someone who prefers to buy the items from its outlets regularly.

Attractive Offers: A plenty of e-vouchers available on this platform that come with amazing offers. Enjoy up to 40% discount with Gift Card offers available for different brands you use regularly or during particular occasions. More than that, you get free discount codes for online music subscriptions, online gym memberships, and other freebies with many vouchers.

Superior customer support: Even though there aren’t any issues with Gift Cards, in case you face any glitch, contact us immediately. Our customer support execs will offer the best solution promptly. They are also ready to help you with the buying and redemption process of the vouchers.

Thanks to all these and other features, shoppers prefer GyFTR when it comes to buying e-Gift Cards. 

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