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Accelerate your professional journey with Forbes gift cards.

Forbes celebrates entrepreneurship! This global business magazine has been in circulation for over a century. The team behind Forbes believes in making a change through inspiring conversations.

Learn about the richest people from India and the world. Get insights from the realm of business that empower you to make it BIG. And stay ahead of the curve with the latest updates from the corporate landscape.

GyFTR is also passionate about each aspect of entrepreneurship. This is why it offers Forbes gift cards at the best prices. 

Forbes Gift Card for your loved one

For the ambitious and successful professionals you know, a Forbes gift card is a nice gift. Send it to them on special occasions, festivals, or important days. They can redeem it easily as per the instructions present on this page. They will surely love your gesture.

Forbes Gift Card for corporate gifting

How to leave a lasting impression through corporate gifts? This is a question that often comes to our minds. One of the best options is a Forbes Gift Card. The recipients – including your clients, business partners, and investors – will surely appreciate your choice. They will think about you each time they receive a new edition of the magazine. You can also send it to the top-performing employees of your company.

Where can I use my Forbes Gift Card?

You can use your Forbes gift card online via this link: gftr.it/Forbes.

What can I purchase using my Forbes Gift Card?

Using your Forbes gift card, you can purchase an annual subscription of Forbes magazine. This voucher is applicable only to the digital editions of the magazine. No physical copies of the magazine are delivered.

How many Forbes Gift Cards can I apply for one annual subscription?

You can apply one Forbes gift card for each annual subscription of this magazine.

How to buy a Forbes Gift Card?

GyFTR is your destination to buy Forbes vouchers seamlessly. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your GyFTR account. Create a new account if you’re not registered.
  2. Take your cursor to the Entertainment & Magazines section. Then, select Forbes from the drop-down menu.
  3. Press the ADD button to choose a voucher. Pay using any of the payment methods.

Your voucher will be delivered instantly after the last step.

How to redeem a Forbes Gift Card?

Follow these steps to redeem your voucher:

  • Open this link: Visit gftr.it/forbes.
  • Fill in your details in the form that appears on your screen.
  • Under the Apply Coupon section, enter the gift card code. Forbes will create your account.

You’ll start receiving your magazines after the final step.

How to send a Forbes Gift Card to someone else?

Follow these steps to send a Forbes Gift Card to someone else:

  • Select the denomination (voucher amount).
  • Choose this option: I am Gyfting.
  • Enter the details of the recipient: name, contact information, etc.
  • Press the CHECKOUT button. Pay for the voucher.

After the last step, the recipient will get the voucher in their email/SMS inbox.

What happens if I lose my Forbes Gift Card?

I have a Forbes Gift Card with me. Can I send it to someone else?

Yes, you can send your Forbes gift card to someone else. You just need to forward your voucher message to them. They can redeem the voucher as per the redemption steps mentioned on this page.

What happens if I lose my Forbes Gift Card?

We’re here to help you out in such scenarios. Our virtual chat assistant – Ema – will guide you through the entire process. Connect with her by pressing the chat assistant icon located on the bottom right corner of this page. Follow the steps that appear on the chat window.

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