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Looking for a minimalist timepiece? Use a Titan Minimals gift card to get one at the best price.

Titan Minimals is a collection of watches that blend aesthetics with functionality. And the trust of Titan is always there.

Most of these watches are versatile in nature. You can wear them with your formals, party wear, or casuals with ease. The bold colors of these timepieces let you pair them up with your favorite outfits.

Talking about the minimalistic design, the dials are clean with limited detailing. And, the mesh straps in the same hue make it a perfect piece for your wrist.

With many designs, you get a warranty of 12 months on the battery and 24 months on the movement.

If you plan to get a Titan Minimals wristwatch soon, get a Titan Minimals gift card from GyFTR. These discounted vouchers help you save on your next purchases.

Titan Minimals gift cards for special occasions and festivals

If you are looking for an elegant gift for the minimalists in your life, a Titan Minimals gift card is the best choice. You don’t need to browse through those lists that talk about gifts for minimalists. This saves you from the confusion that comes with screening for the right gift. Nor, you have to worry whether the recipient will like the gift or not. After all, you are giving them the freedom of choice. They can select the timepiece they like from a brand store nearest to them. Consider it the perfect gifting option for all special occasions, be it wedding, anniversary, or birthday. Or all popular festivals, such as Diwali, Christmas, Rakshabandhan, Karwa Chauth, Eid, etc.

Titan Minimals gift cards for corporate gifting

Wristwatches often top the charts if we are talking about top corporate gifts. After all, it is the most classy and elegant thing you can give. And if it is a Titan Minimals gift card, you can expect it to be more special. This gift card works all corporate requirements like sales incentives, reward & recognition, and client management. It is also suitable as a prize for contests you organize.

How to buy a Titan Minimals gift card?

Follow these steps to buy a Titan Minimals gift card:

  • Login to your GyFTR account. Create one instantly if you aren’t registered yet.
  • Take your mouse pointer to the Fashion category. Click on Titan Minimals from the menu.
  • By pressing the ADD button, you can select the denomination of your choice.
  • Click on View/Edit Cart. Pay with any of the payment options.

How to redeem my Titan Minimals gift card?

Redeem your gift card with a three-step process:

  1. Using the Store Locator option, find the outlets that accept your voucher.
  2. Select one of the  Titan Minimal Watch Collection Watch.
  3. At the billing counter, share your voucher with the attendant.

Can I use my GyFTR Pay balance to buy a Titan Minimals gift card?

Yes, you can apply your GyFTR Pay balance for buying a Titan Minimals gift card from GyFTR.

How many Titan Minimals gift cards can be redeemed in a single transaction?

You can use a maximum of five gift cards of Titan Minimals during a single purchase at the brand store.

What happens if I lose my Titan Minimals gift card?

Our virtual assistant “Ema” can help you out in case you lose your Titan Minimals gift card. Connect with her by clicking on the virtual assistant icon present on the bottom right side of this page. She will guide you through the process to get the voucher code again.

Where can I use my Titan Minimals gift card?

You can use your Titan Minimals gift card at all stores listed in the Store Locator option. To find those stores, click on the Store Locator and get the list by entering your city name. You will also get the address of those stores. Your gift cards aren’t applicable to online purchases.

Can I renew my Titan Minimals gift card once it expires?

No, you cannot use or renew your Titan Minimals gift card once it gets expired. This is why we recommend you set a reminder regarding your voucher’s expiration date. Also, make sure it is easily accessible via email or SMS. Doing so will allow you to use it instantly in case you visit a brand store randomly to buy a watch.

What happens if the cost of the watch is more than the Titan Minimals gift cards?

This happens with most of the customers. In such cases, you need to pay the difference using cash or one of the applicable payment methods.

What are the available denominations of Titan Minimals gift cards?

The available denominations of Titan Minimals gift cards are:

  • 500
  • 1000
  • 2000

The available denominations are subject to change without prior notice.

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