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Planning to visit a buffet restaurant? Use Barbeque Nation Gift Cards for an amazing gastronomical experience.

Starting in 2006, Barbeque Nation is a chain of Indian buffet restaurants with over 125 outlets. This restaurant introduced the concept of LIVE GRILLS in India. These indoor live grills are embedded under the dining tables…allowing the patrons to grill their food.

The customer experience you get in each outlet is class apart. The attendants go the extra mile to ensure the taste and preparation match your expectations.

Here’s what you get when you visit the restaurant for the UNLIMITED buffet meals.

  1. Starters: There are around five veg and five non-veg starters on the menu. The non-veg starters include kebabs, tandoori chicken, grilled prawns, fish, and more. Everything is prepared with a perfect balance of spices. The veg starters include cajun spiced potato, crispy fried sweet corn, grilled pineapple, etc.
  2. Main Course: The main course is equally appetizing. Fall in love with chicken and fish gravies. And enjoy the flavors of paneer, dal makhani, and other veg curries.
  3. Desserts: Barbeque Nation is a heaven for those with a sweet tooth. You will love the taste of pastries, brownies, ice creams, halwa, and other desserts. They serve eight different varieties of KULFI.

There are also a variety of salads and soups.

Note: The options in the unlimited menu may differ based on the outlet you are visiting.

Next time you are looking for an amazing meal, you can visit this place for an All-You-Can-Eat EXPERIENCE. If you are visiting them on your birthday or another special occasion, they will raise the bar of your celebration with a complimentary CAKE and Birthday Songs by the team.

Carry a Barbeque Nation Gift Cards on your next visit. GyFTR offers these vouchers at discounted prices for food lovers like you.

Bon Appetit!

How to buy a Barbeque Nation Gift Cards?

Buy your Barbeque Gift Cards from GyFTR. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your GyFTR account or create a new account.
  2. Open the Food & Beverage section and choose Barbeque Nation from the list.
  3. Choose the voucher amount by pressing the ADD button on the brand page.
  4. Press the CHECKOUT button. Pay with one of the payment methods.

You’ll get the voucher instantly via email or SMS.

How to redeem a Barbeque Nation Gift Cards?

Follow these steps to redeem a Barbeque Nation Gift Cards:

  1. Use the Store Locator to find the listed stores.
  2. Visit one of the stores and enjoy your buffet meal.
  3. At the time of billing, show the Gift Cards code to the attendant.

They will deduct the voucher amount from the final bill.

What if the final bill is more than the Barbeque Nation Gift Cards amount?

In case the final bill crosses the number of your Gift Cards, you need to pay the balance amount via cash or any other applicable method.

For how long is my Barbeque Nation Gift Cards valid?

The validity period of your Barbeque Nation Gift Cards is six months from the date of issue. Your voucher message via email or SMS will get the exact details.

Where can I use my Barbeque Nation Gift Cards?

Your Barbeque Nation Gift Cards are applicable at all listed outlets across India. However, the Gift Cards are not applicable at the Kolhapur outlet of this restaurant. Also, you can’t use it for online orders.

How to send a Barbeque Nation Gift Cards to someone else?

Follow these steps to send a Barbeque Nation Gift Cards:

  1. Select the voucher amount.
  2. Choose this option: I am Gyfting.
  3. Enter the recipient’s details.
  4. Press the CHECKOUT button. Pay with one of the payment options.

They’ll receive the voucher after the last step.

What happens if I lose my Barbeque Nation Gift Cards?

You will get a duplicate voucher from us if you lose the original one. The process is simple: Press the virtual chat assistant icon on the bottom right of this page and follow the instructions. After getting the details like brand name and registered mobile number, we will send your voucher.

What are the available denominations of Barbeque Nation Gift Cards?

The available denominations of Barbeque Nation Gift Cards include:

  1. Rs. 250
  2. Rs. 500
  3. Rs. 1000
  4. Rs. 1500

The available denominations may change in the future without further notice.

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