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Want premium clothing for yourself? Freecultr would be a great bet. The brand offers premium innerwear, loungewear and comfort wear. For the modern-day commuter, Freecultr products are just the right combination of comfort and quality. Freecultr products are revolutionizing the custom fit for everyone. Needless to say that Freecultr is a one-stop destination for all your men's and women's clothing needs and being a modern-day individual this is exactly what you need.

It is also the official license partner for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Merchandise. As a brand, Freecultr is all about breaking stereotypes of comfort-driven premium innerwear, loungewear & comfort wear. Freecultr is revolutionizing the custom fit for modern-day individuals, we are a one-stop destination for all your apparel solutions. Use Freecultr Gift Card & Voucher to shop skin-loving & environment-friendly clothing compositions that move with you, for you!

Men: Here's a chance for men to upgrade their apparel needs. Now, you can shop from a vast category of collections such as innerwear & loungewear apparel, accessories and more. Putting comfort, First!

Women: Here's a chance for women to shop from the most comfort-driven collections of briefs, tank tops, full sleeves skin t-shirts, and more.

Freecultr Gift Cards for Occasions

Give Freecultr Gift Cards to your favourite people on every occasion. Needless to say that it would prove to be a very useful gift for anyone. You can consider buying Freecultr Gift Cards for Diwali, Freecultr Gift Cards for anniversaries, Freecultr Gift Cards for birthdays.

Freecultr Gift Cards for Corporate Gifting

Want to gift your employees something useful? Freecultr Gift Cards would be a good choice. You can consider gifting Freecultr Gift Cards to your staff members and employees. Who doesn't want to buy premium apparel wear and Freecultr Gift Cards offer you just that.

How to Buy Freecultr Gift Cards?

Here's how you can buy Freecultr Gift Cards:

  • Go to www.gyftr.com
  • Search for Freecultr Gift Cards
  • Add the denomination of your choice
  • Pay via the available payment methods
  • Your Gift Card will be transferred to your mobile via Whatsapp, e-mail on your registered mobile number

How to Redeem Freecultr Gift Cards?

Here's how you can redeem Freecultr Gift Cards:

  • Go to www.freecultr.com and log in using your credentials
  • Add to cart your desired products
  • Select your best brand Gift Voucher code and then click to pay
  • Mention your 16 digit code of the Gift Card in the given discount section
  • On the payment page go and check the Gift Voucher/Discount Code tab
  • The remaining amount can be paid via the available payment methods


Why should you purchase a Freecultr Gift Card?

If you want to buy premium quality innerwear and apparel for both men and women, then Freecultr is one of the best choices you can go ahead with.

Is it a physical Gift Card or an online Gift Card?

No, The Freecultr Gift Card is not a physical Gift Card. You will be receiving your Gift Card via email, SMS and Whatsapp message on your registered mobile number.

How many times can a Freecultr Gift Card be used?

You can use/redeem your Freecultr Gift Card only once.

What if my Freecultr Gift Card expires?

In case your Freecultr Gift Card expires then there is no need to worry. The Gift Card will become invalid after the expiry date. Thus, it is advised to use your Gift Card before it becomes invalid. To know the validity of your Freecultr Gift Card, check the details of your Gift Card.

What are the available denominations of a Freecultr Gift Card?

Here are the available denominations of Freecultr Gift Card:

  • Rs.250
  • Rs.500
  • Rs.1000
  • Rs.1500
  • Rs.2000

How can I gift a Freecultr Gift Card to someone else?

It is very easy to gift a Freecultr Gift Card to your near and dear ones. Here's how you can do it.

  • Go to www.gyftr.com
  • Search for Freecultr
  • Under the denomination section, you will find I am Gyfting option
  • Enter the details of whom you want to send a gift card
  • The gift card will be shared with the concerned person in a matter of moments

What are the applicable payment methods to buy a Gift Card?

On Gyftr.com you can pay using your Debit Card, Credit Card, and UPI.

What happens if I lose my Freecultr Gift Card?

In case you end up losing your Freecultr Gift Card, there is no need to worry. All you need to do is follow the instructions appearing on the chat window and you will get your Gift Card details as you complete your final step.

Or alternatively, you can visit https://www.gyftr.com/contact-us & use the ‘Resend my Gift Card section of this page.

GyFTR Offer Gift cards for over 200+ Brands with instant Discounts and Delivery.

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