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Planning to buy a pair of stylish jeans? Get Levi’s Gift Cards for amazing discounts and deals.

Levi’s is now synonymous with the finest quality jeans. And it has many reasons to be one. For starters, this brand invented the blue jeans the whole world wears today. It happened around 150 years ago. Levi’s has passed the test of time by reinventing itself as per the changing trends of fashion.

Currently, it serves customers through 500+ brand outlets in 110 countries.

Sustainability is at the core of this iconic denim brand. It gets its materials (cotton, etc) from local farmers that use sustainable methods to produce them. This means Levi’s is not only helping you look your best, but it is also enabling the livelihood of thousands of people. And helping SAVE THE PLANET.

When you visit an outlet, you will come across these options:

Jeans for Men - Choose from these styles: boot cut, skinny, distressed, loose fit, straight fit, slim fit, and more. Some exclusive collections include Levi's® X Royal Enfield®, Levi's® Made & Crafted®, and RedLoop™.

Jeans for Women - The stores offer balloon leg, high rise, wide leg, high rise, skinny, and super skinny jeans. Special collections include Levi's® X Farm Rio, Levi's® X Super Mario, and Sculpt Jeans.

Apart from these jeans, every Levi’s store also houses sweatshirts, jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, and more. Accessorize yourself with bags, backpacks, belts, footwear, face masks, etc.

Before you visit an outlet, buy a discounted Levi’s Gift Cards from GyFTR. You can redeem it instantly at a brand outlet for your purchases.

Levi’s Gift Cards for special occasions

Does it happen to you? You’re invited to an occasion. You think of giving them something special. When the day arrives, you realize you haven’t brought the gift yet. For such situations, Levi’s Gift Cards work the best. Send it to your loved ones or acquaintances in less than five minutes. Let them take care of the selection part. They can choose the product they like by redeeming this voucher. For all special occasions (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries), it’s an ideal GIFT.

Levi’s Gift Cards for corporate gifting

Your clients and employees expect something useful in the form of corporate gifts. They want a gift that stays in the cupboard forever. Delight them with Levi’s Gift Cards for all corporate needs. Be it sales incentives, reward & recognition, Diwali gifting, or client management -- this voucher works everywhere.

How to buy Levi’s Gift Cards?

Follow these steps by Levi’s Gift Cards:

  1. Login to your GyFTR account by entering your credentials.
  2. Hover your mouse over Fashion and choose “Levi’s” from the menu.
  3. Click on the View/Edit Cart button.
  4. Pay with one of the applicable payment methods.

You will receive your gift card in just a few minutes.

How to redeem your Levi’s Gift Cards?

Redeem Levi’s Gift Cards with these steps:

  • Press the Store Locator button on this page. Enter your city’s name to get the list of eligible outlets.
  • Visit one of the stores. Select the jeans or other items of your choice.
  • At the billing counter, pay for your bill using the voucher code.

How to send Levi’s Gift Cards to someone else?

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Choose the voucher denomination by pressing the ADD button.
  2. Check this box “I am Gyfting.” Enter the recipient’s name.
  3. Press the CHECKOUT button. Pay with one of the applicable payment modes.

The recipient will get the voucher in a few minutes.

Where can I use my Levi's Gift Card?

You can use your Levi's Gift Card on all eligible store outlets. To find those outlets, use the Store Locator option on this page.

Can I buy Levi's Gift Card Using my GyFTR PAY?

Yes, you can buy Levi's Gift Card using GyFTR PAY without any hassle.

What is the Validity of my Levi's Gift Voucher/ Levi's Gift Card?

The validity of each voucher is different and can be between 3 months minimum to 12 months maximum. For the exact validity of your Gift Voucher, please refer to your Voucher E-Mail and SMS.

What happens if I lose my Levi's gift card?

In case you lose your Levi's gift card, you can get it again from GyFTR. To do so, click on the virtual chat assistant icon. This icon is present on the bottom right corner of this page. Follow the instructions that appear on the chat window. The chat assistant ‘Ema’ will guide you through the process. You will receive the voucher in a few minutes.

Can I apply for my Levi's gift card when the outlet is running a sale?

Yes, you can apply for your Levi's gift card even when the outlet is running a promotional offer or a sale. There are no restrictions in terms of when you can use it or what you can order with it.

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