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More About Auric

Auric Drinks are here to help you satisfy all your health needs. Auric Ayurvedic Drinks are natural drinks that help you stay fit and improve your immunity. If you don’t have much time to take care of your health in the hectic pace of life then Auric Drinks are your quick solutions to a robust lifestyle. Stay active, energetic, immune to unhealthy components with clean consumables by Auric. Consuming ayurvedic drinks can give the necessary boost to your health. Achieve vitality and prioritize your well-being every day by integrating the power of Ayurveda into your daily lifestyle. Auric Gift Cards are a very good choice for your personalized gifting solutions.

What can you buy using Auric Gift Cards?

As an Ayurvedic Brand, Auric offers a variety of health products right from beverages to supplements. Let’s have a look at their product range.

  • Food - Peanut Butter, A2 Ghee, Cow Ghee, Buffalo Ghee
  • Supplements - Plant Protein, Liver Detox Tablets, Ashwagandha Gummies, Get Slimming Supplements, Detoxifying Drinks & more
  • Cold Beverages - Coconut Water, Men’s Energy, Drinks for Women Wellness & more
  • Hot Beverages - Masala Chai, Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha & more

Auric Gift Cards for Occasions

Not sure what to gift your loved ones on special occasions? Auric Gift Cards will help you stay in everyone’s good books. Needless to say that there cannot be a better gifting option than Auric Gift Cards. You can consider gifting Auric Gift Cards for Diwali, Auric Gift Cards for Dussehra, Auric Gift Cards for Birthdays, Auric Gift Cards for Anniversaries, Auric Gift Cards for your family. Buy Auric Gift Cards and save big online on your purchase. Give Auric Ayurvedic Drinks a try and see turnaround results for your health.

Auric Gift Cards for Corporate Gifting

It isn’t easy to gift when you want to gift to a group of people. Obviously, everyone has a different choice and liking. Everyone wants different things. This can be a bit overwhelming for someone who is gifting. Hence, it would only be a good idea to give the gift of health to your employees, staff members and professional partners. Gift them Auric Gift Cards if you are looking for the best corporate gifts.

How to Buy An Auric Gift Card?

  • To Buy an Auric Gift Card, Visit www.gyftr.com
  • Login using your account credentials
  • On the search bar, type ‘Auric’
  • Select your preferred denomination from the ADD button
  • Click on the BUY NOW button and pay for your Gift Card

Your Gift Card will be delivered to your registered mobile number in a matter of moments.

How to Redeem Auric Gift Cards?

Here’s how you can redeem Auric Gift Cards:

  • Go to Auric Website at https://www.theauric.com/
  • Add the product of your choice to the cart
  • Click on 'Buy Now' or 'Add to Cart'
  • Apply the voucher code in the "COUPON CODE" section and click APPLY

The discount will be shown in the bill and the remaining payment (if any) can be made by another payment mode and accordingly, order can be placed


Why should you purchase an Auric E-Gift Card?

If you want to give the gift of health and wellness to your loved ones then Auric is one of the best brands you can consider for gifting. These are natural ayurvedic drinks which are made to help you stay fit and improve your immunity.

Is it a physical Gift Card or an online Gift Card?

This is an E-Gift Card. And as you make your payment, you will instantly receive your Auric digital Gift Card on your registered mobile number via SMS, E-Mail, or Whatsapp.

How many times can an Auric Digital Gift Card be used?

You can only use/redeem your Auric Gift Card(s) only once.

What if my Auric E-Gift Card expires?

It is advisable that you redeem your Digital Auric Gift Card as soon as possible because once expired it cannot be revalidated again and you will need to purchase a new voucher.

What are the available denominations of the Auric Gift Card?

Here are the available denominations of the Auric Gift Card:

  • INR 150
  • INR 250
  • INR 300
  • INR 500

How can I gift an Auric Gift Card to someone else?

Here’s how you can gift an Auric Gift Card to your near and dear ones. All you need to do is follow the simple steps:

  • Visit gyftr.com 
  • Search for ‘Auric’
  • Select the ‘I am Gyfting’ option & enter the recipient’s details
  • Pay by using one of the available payment methods
  • The recipient will receive the Gift Card in a matter of few moments

What are the applicable payment methods to buy a Gift Card?

You can pay using your Debit Card, Credit Card, and UPI.

What happens if I lose my Auric Gift Card?

If you end up losing your Gift Card, there is no need for you to worry. Here’s how you can get your Gift Card again.

  • Visit the link - https://www.gvhelpdesk.com/
  • Under the I want to resend my voucher section, enter your number
  • Your Gift Card will be shared in a matter of moments
  • You can also use the whatsapp help.

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