Trying good food isn’t the only reason we visit the restaurants and eating joints. Those places are where we conceive beautiful memories with our friends. It is at those places that we form some of the lasting business associations. And, sometimes meet our potential partners. No wonder we expect the place to be special in terms of ambiance, service, and of course, FOOD.

At GyFTR, we understand how important each outing is for you. This is why I have partnered with some of the renowned Indian and global restaurant chains. Yes, GyFTR is your one-stop destination for food and beverage vouchers.

Food & Beverage Gift Vouchers for all occasions

Do you know someone who’s a big foodie? Someone whose most of the conversations revolve around best places to eat or best dishes in town. Give them food & beverage gift vouchers as a Birthday Gift Card or Wedding Gift Cards. We bet they are going to love it. These vouchers also work as Diwali Gift Cards, Christmas Gift Cards, New Year Gift Cards, Rakshabandhan Gift Cards, Valentine’s Day Gift Cards, Father’s Day Cards, or Mother’s Day Gift Cards.

Let's have a look at the F&B brands whose vouchers you will find here.

Baskin Robbins Gift Cards

A place to enjoy some of the delectable ice cream flavors, Baskin Robbins also offers cakes, brownies, waffles, shakes, and pies. Satiate your cravings for those cold, yummy desserts come with a discount of up to 20 percent. Tasting happiness is now easier on your pocket.

Beer Cafe Gift Cards

There are very few lounges and bars that are dedicated to beer lovers. The Beer Cafe is one of them. Over 50 variants of domestic and imported beers, including White Zen, Birra Moretti, Carib, Chimay Gold, Witty Bro, Scottish Charger, and other exotic options are available here. With up to 25% on The Beer Cafe, your outings become more intoxicating.

Chaayos Gift Cards

Chaayos has revolutionized the concept of Chai Tapri with its outlets dedicated to tea lovers of India. Get your hot beverages with numerous customizations--offering you thousands of unique options. Your chai time with friends becomes more relaxing with up to a 20% discount on the Chaayos gift voucher.

Chicago Pizza Gift Cards

Italy may be the place where pizza originated, but Chicago is where it gained popularity with some delectable variations. If you want to get a taste of that area, head towards a Chicago Pizza near you. With amazing deals on Chicago Pizza gift vouchers, GyFTR attempts to add a topping of happiness.

Domino’s Pizza Gift Cards

Whether it's an office party on Friday or a movie night buddies, Domino’s Pizza is the place that makes those moments memorable. Economical and delicious, the pizzas from Domino’s are perfect for those evening cravings. When you order your favorite pizza or garlic bread, use Domino’s Pizza Gift Voucher to get a discount of up to 10% discount.

KFC Gift Cards

Across the globe, KFC has delighted chicken lovers with its iconic fried chicken. Apart from crispy pieces of chicken legs--people love wings, chicken strips, rice bowls, and lip-smacking burgers. Get up to a 10% discount on KFC gift vouchers, making your next food adventure more exciting.

Machaan Gift Cards

A peaceful environment in the midst of jungles makes the dining experience special at Machaan. Every Indian delicacy you enjoy there is sure to delight your taste buds. When you visit this place with your loved ones or people from your professional life, you can enjoy a discount of up to 10% using Machaan Gift Vouchers from GyFTR.

Mainland China Gift Cards

Looking for authentic oriental cuisines? Mainland China is the answer. Find an array of Burmese, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese dishes from this chain of restaurants. Your next meal at this restaurant can be discounted with the Mainland China Gift Voucher. Yes, GyFTR offers a discount you can redeem instantly while paying the bill.

Pizza Hut Gift Cards

Pizza Hut has delighted pizza lovers from India since 1996. Some of the yummy options you get from here include fresh chicken pizza, double cheese pizza, veggies-flushed pizza, and pepperoni pizza. When you buy a Pizza Hut Gift Voucher from GyFTR, you get a discount of up to 10 percent.

Sweet Bengal Gift Cards

You don’t need to visit Kolkata or nearby regions to enjoy authentic Bengali cuisine. Sweet Bengal brings delectable rosogollas, sondesh, and malai Chom Chom to your city. Let’s make your sweet indulgences more special with up to 10% OFF on a Sweet Bengal voucher.

TGIF Gift Cards

Gone are the days when we waited for Weekends to go out for a party. Thank God It’s Friday (or TGIF) brings the vibe of Friday to those dull, monotonous days of the week. With TGIF gift vouchers, you can enjoy a discount of up to 15 percent.

Oh! Calcutta Gift Cards

Oh! Calcutta brings the culture and spirit of this metro city to a place near you. If you like Bengali cuisine, you’re gonna love railway mutton, daab chingri, mutton kosha, and jaggery ice cream. At GyFTR, we are offering these vouchers with up to a 10% discount.

Note: The discounts on food and beverage vouchers are subject to change. Visit the brand page to check the offers.

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