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Get your groceries and other essentials using Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards.

Reliance Smart Point is your destination for daily-needs shopping. You will get massive discounts on essentials from this chain of small-format stores. As you visit an outlet, you will come across this category of products:

  • Dairy essentials and grocery staples
  • Pathology services and medications
  • Fashion apparel & accessories
  • Electronics & electrical appliances

Every outlet also has a Jio Payment Bank. Plus, there’s a Battery Swap Station that can be used for charging two-wheelers and electric cars.

Many households now choose these stores to meet their needs. GyFTR brings you Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards at the best prices. These Gift Cards are available in different denominations.

Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards for your loved ones

Freedom of choice is one of the best gifts to make your loved ones happier. And, Reliance Smart Point is something that will make it happen. Give this card on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or other special occasions. Your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, or anyone else who’s receiving will feel special after receiving it.

Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards for corporate gifting

Corporate gifts are usually those ordinary items that every gifting store sells. Many items stay in the cabinets of the recipient. We bet you don’t want this to happen with what you are sending. This is where a Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards appears as a better alternative. Your clients and employees will use it for sure to get their home essentials or something for their wardrobe.

Reliance Smart Point is running a sale. Is my Gift Cards still applicable?

Yes, it is applicable. You can use Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards irrespective of the promotional offers and the sales the brands are running.

Can I use more than one Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards in one bill?

Yes, you can use more than one card at a Reliance Smart Point outlet in a single bill.

Where can I use my Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards?

You can use your Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards at all eligible outlets of this brand. Use this link to find those outlets. You can also check the Store Locator option on this page for this purpose. The cards are not applicable to any type of online shopping.

How to send Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards to someone else?

Sending a Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards is extremely simple. You have to send your card message to the intended recipient. They can use the card easily on their next purchase at an outlet near them.

How to buy a Reliance Smart Point gift voucher?

Follow these steps to buy a Reliance Smart Point gift voucher:

  1. Login to your GyFTR account using your mobile number and password. Register instantly if you are not a member yet.
  2. Press the search icon on the top right. Type Reliance Smart Point & press Enter.
  3. On the page that opens up, select the voucher value and quantity.
  4. Hit the “CHECKOUT” button after confirming the details. Pay with one of the applicable payment methods.

We will share the voucher with you instantly.

How to redeem Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards?

The process to redeem is as follows:

  1. Find an eligible outlet near you using the Outlet Locator.
  2. Visit one of those outlets. Select the mattress you want to buy.
  3. Show your card at the time of billing.

The executive will instantly deduct the card amount from the final bill. Yeah, it’s that simple.

What can I buy using my Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards?

Using your Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards, you can buy groceries, clothes, and other items that are available at the eligible outlets. There are no restrictions related to what you are allowed to purchase using your voucher.

Can I send my Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards to someone else?

Yes, you can easily send your Reliance Digital Gift Cards to anyone else. You have to send the voucher message through any medium (SMS, email, or WhatsApp). The recipient can redeem it instantly by following the steps present on this page. They don’t need to pay anything extra for this purpose.

What happens if my Reliance Smart Point Gift Cards are lost?

If you lose your Reliance Smart Pint Gift Cards, we will help you get one easily. To do so, simply press the virtual chat assistant icon located on the bottom right of your page. Our chat support assistant, Ema, will guide you through the steps.

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