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Teamonk is India’s first tea venture offering exclusive quality pure and natural specialty teas sourced from the finest tea plantations. It repositions tea as an exciting and refreshing beverage. It also has 65+varieties. Embellished with additional 100% natural ingredients your green teas offer benefits like energy, detox, immunity, weight care, skin glow, relaxation and deliver a truly unique taste experience. Buy Teamonk Gift Cards for a better discount.

Teamonk Gift Cards For Special Occasions:

Gifting not only expresses the beauty of gifting but also connotes the love for wellness for your dear ones. For those who look for a unique gift idea, Teamonk Gift Cards are a good choice. It is suitable for various occasions. Teamonk Gift Cards are suitable gifting options for anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, and parties. Give your loved ones Teamonk Gift Cards and make them feel special.

Teamonk Gift Cards for Corporate Gifting:

Your choice of gift is an expression of your fine taste. It’s great to work alongside a cup of tea. Teammonk Gift Cards are ideal for Corporate Gifting. Premium quality tea is surely loved by all. Give your clients, colleagues, employees, and business partners a Teamonk Gift Cards. We’re sure the recipients will love receiving Teamonk Gift Cards.

How to buy Teamonk Gift Cards?

To buy Teamonk Gift Cards follow these steps:

  • Log in to your GyFTR account. Create an account instantly if not registered yet.
  • Visit the ‘Food & Beverage’ Category and select 
  • Choose the denomination by clicking on the ADD button.
  • Press the CHECKOUT button. Pay using available payment methods.

How to redeem Teamonk Gift Cards?

To redeem Teamonk Gift Cards follow these steps:

  • Log into your Teamonk App. Create an account if not registered in the app yet.
  • Open the “ACCOUNT” section.
  • Click on the Teamonk money option. Then click on the ADD VOUCHER option.
  • Enter voucher code and PIN. Press the REDEEM VOUCHER button.

What is the validity of my Teamonk Gift Card?

Well, it depends. It can be 3-12 months. We will send the exact details with your voucher code on your mobile. 

Is this a physical gift card?

No, GyFTR does not sell physical gift cards. This is a digital Teamonk Gift Card. You will receive your Teamonk Gift Card via SMS or email.

What if my Teamonk Gift Card expires?

It’s advisable to use your Teamonk Gift Card before the given expiration date to avoid disappointment.

How many times can a Teamonk Gift Card be used?

A Teamonk gift card can only be used once. This gift card cannot be reused multiple times.

What are the available denominations of the Teamonk gift cards?

The available denominations of the Teamonk gift cards are as follows:

  • Rs 50
  • Rs 100
  • Rs 250
  • Rs 500
  • Rs 1000
  • Rs 2000 

Can I share my Teamonk  Gift Card with someone else?

To buy a Teamonk Gift Card you can pay using your debit card, credit card, UPI, and E-pay.

What if I lose my Teamonk Gift Card?

In case you lose your Teamonk Gift Card, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit www.gyftr.com and click on the option on the bottom right.
  • Choose the “I have lost my voucher” option.
  • Enter the mobile number used to buy your Teamonk Gift Card.
  • From the listed brands, select Teamonk.
  • Enter the transaction date to recover your Teamonk Gift Card. 

For voucher-related queries, please use ‘VIRTUAL CHAT ASSISTANT’ for the right guidance

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