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Want to book a cab? Use an Uber Gift Cards to enjoy discounts on your next ride.

Thanks to Uber, moving from location A to location B within a city is now extremely simple. Just a few taps on your buttons are enough to book a ride. You can choose from these options while using the Uber app:

  • Go Sedan: Reach your destination in style in a comfortable sedan.
  • UberGo: Compact rides that are readily available and easy on your pocket.
  • UberXL: Book SUV rides if the number of passengers are more.
  • Rentals: It’s a good option when you have to visit multiple locations.
  • UberAuto: No more bargains when booking an auto.
  • Uber Intercity: Go out of town with safe and convenient intercity cabs.
  • BikeShare: Reach your destination with bikers traveling on your route.

Before choosing any of these options, you will come to know about the fare estimates. The fare is based on total distance, ride availability, time of the day, etc.

Uber takes the safety of its passengers seriously. It provides an emergency button in the app to receive help if required. You can share the trip details and location immediately with the authorities.

And, there’s a rating that allows the users to rate the drivers based on their experience. You’ll come to about the overall rating of the driver while booking.

The company is also dedicated to making the planet more sustainable. This is why they aim to turn 100% of their fleet emission-free by 2040. They also assist their cab partners in getting an electric vehicle. Partnering with NGOs is an integral part of this endeavor.

These features and an impressive fleet have made Uber the world’s most trusted ride-hailing service. GyFTR brings you Uber Gift Cards with amazing deals and discounts. Redeem this voucher instantly when you book a cab.

Uber Gift Cards for your loved ones

Make the daily commute of your loved ones easier with Uber Gift Cards. It is a gift you can send to your friends, siblings, parents, husband, wife, or other important people who use a cab regularly. A voucher for this service works as an ideal gift for birthdays or other special occasions. Or, can be gifted on any random day. Don’t forget to add a message for them when sending your voucher.

Uber Gift Cards for corporate gifting

For your employees who use cabs for daily travel, an Uber Gift Cards is a good option. You can give it to your staff as a part of sales incentives, reward & recognition, and bonuses. Or, you can send it on a monthly basis to instill loyalty. Your clients will also like it when you send this voucher to them.

How to buy an Uber Gift Cards?

Buy an Uber Gift Cards by following these steps:

  1. Login to your GyFTR account by entering your mobile number and PIN.
  2. Take your mouse pointer to the Cab & Travel category. Click on Uber from the menu.
  3. Choose the voucher amount from the available options.
  4. Click the CHECKOUT button. Pay using one of the payment options.

You’ll get the voucher in a minute.

How To Redeem Uber Gift Cards?

Want to know how to redeem The Uber Gift Cards/Gift Voucher? Just go through the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit the Uber brand page on your phone/desktop or any suitable device
  2. Click on Uber pay and go to the eWallet
  3. 16 digit Alpha-Numeric code is your Gift Cards voucher unique number
  4. Check for the entire amount in your Uber pay Wallet, ready to be used.

What happens if I lose my Uber Gift Cards?

In case you lose your voucher, you can get it again from GyFTR. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the virtual chat assistant icon. It is present on the bottom right corner of this page.
  2. Click on the “I Can’t Find My Voucher” option. Then click on the “I’ve lost my voucher.”
  3. Follow the instructions that appear on the chat window.

You will get your voucher immediately.

What’s the validity of my Uber Gift Cards?

The validity of your Uber Gift Cards is b/w 3-12 months. You will receive the exact voucher with your voucher message.

What are the available denominations of an Uber Gift Cards?

The available denominations include:

  • 250
  • 500
  • 1000

Can I get a physical Uber Gift Cards?

At GyFTR, we encourage e-transactions during shopping, which is why we offer only e-vouchers. You will receive these vouchers without any delay. Plus, there aren’t any hassles of storing them. And, they are great for the environment.

How many Uber Gift Cards can I use during a single transaction?

You can use only one Gift Cards during a single transaction on the Uber app.

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