Since ancient times, gifting has remained an integral part of Indian culture. From commoners to kings, everyone believed in the power of exchanging gifts. In the present era, the role of gifts has become more prominent.

During almost every little and huge occasion, we prefer sending gifts to our loved ones. It is one of the best ways to express gratitude. The exchange of gifts is a key to build new bonds and cement the existing ones.

Keeping the vital role of gifting in our lives, GyFTR was incepted a few years ago. The idea was to make the process of sending gifts faster and easier. Over the years, the company has partnered with more than 160 brands for Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers. If you visit the Gifting category, you will find plenty of options that suit your gifting needs.

Let’s have a look at some popular options for gifting based on whom you are gifting the vouchers too.

Gifting Ideas for Men

You want to surprise him with something special, but you aren’t whether he will like it or not. It might also happen that he already possesses what you are giving him. Some of the best options for him include:

For those who love to read, you can give them a gift voucher from Business Today, India Today, or other popular magazines. Talking about the occasions, you can give these vouchers as Father’s Day Gift Cards, Rakshabandhan Gift Cards, Friendship Day Gift Cards, Valentine’s Day Gift Cards, or other special days. For occasions like Wedding Gift Cards, Birthday Gift Cards, and Anniversary Gift Cards, too, these gifts work perfectly.

Gifting ideas for women

Every woman is unique and the right way to appreciate her uniqueness is by surprising her with a gift she adores. But here comes the tricky part: Finding the best gift for her. You might scan through various lists that talk about gift ideas for wives or other special women in life. You might visit multiple gifting stores or other places from where she shops. But, despite these efforts, the chances are that you end up getting more confused. Don’t worry; gift cards for women are a solution to this issue. Here are some of the vouchers you can give her:

The best part about these gifts is that she can purchase what she likes, depending on what you gift them. If you plan to gift her jewelry, then the gift vouchers of Joylukkas, Kalyan Jewellers, Candere, or Ketan Diamond Jewellery are some great options. And if she is an avid reader, send her the subscription of magazines like Femina, Filmfare, Hello! Or other informative and exciting mags. All these options are perfect even if you are specifically searching for gifting ideas for your wife.

Gifting options for everyone

There are a few gift items that are universal in nature. You can send them to anyone at any time during any occasion. Amazon gift cards are one such ideal gift that you can select if you are confused about what to gift. This voucher lets the recipient purchase whatever they like from categories like books, toys, electronics, groceries, home appliances, smartphones, fashion apparel and accessories, and beauty products. Not just that, this voucher can be redeemed for Prime membership that includes Prime Video, Prime Music, and numerous other benefits. No wonder Amazon Gift Vouchers are one of our bestselling products. The best part is that they can add Amazon Pay Gift Cards to the Amazon Pay wallet. Then, they can order multiple things depending on their wallet balance.

Flipkart Gift Cards is another such popular product that can be gifted without any worry. The recipient can redeem it online through the app or web store for ordering groceries, appliances, personal care products, garments, etc. This voucher also lets the users book domestic and international flights from Flipkart.

How to send a gift card from GyFTR?

Buying a gift card from GyFTR is extremely simple. Let’s use the example of Amazon for this purpose.

  1. Visit the brand page of the brand whose voucher you plan to gift. For example, you need to visit Amazon’s brand page on GyFTR.
  2. Select the quantity and value of the voucher from the available options.
  3. Click on the “I am Gyfting” option and enter the details of the recipient.
  4. Make the payment from the available options.

The recipient will receive the Amazon Gift Card Code or another voucher you have shared within a few minutes.

How to redeem a gift card from GyFTR?

The recipient needs to follow the instructions present on the brand page to redeem the gift card. But, the general steps for redeeming a voucher online include:

  1. Visit the official website of the brand.
  2. Add the products to the cart.
  3. On the payments page, add the voucher code.
  4. The amount will be deducted from the final bill.

The steps for Amazon gift card redeem are different. You need to visit Amazon's brand page and check “How to use amazon gift cards” for this purpose.


Why is GyFTR preferred over other gifting sites?

There are several reasons why GyFTR is chosen over other gifting sites.

  1. Instant delivery: You don’t wait for days or even hours before the gift gets delivered. It hardly takes a minute for the voucher to arrive in the email or SMS of the recipient.
  2. Crazy discounts: Many gift cards have discounts of up to 40 percent. The store keeps on introducing new deals and discounts during special days and festivals.
  3. 150+ options: You have plenty of options to choose from, ranging from apparel & accessories to travel vouchers. We keep on adding new brands every month so that you never run out of options.
  4. Easy to buy and redeem: We have made sure the process of buying and redeeming the vouchers is simple.

Thanks to all features, many individuals consider GyFTR as one of their favorite gifting sites.

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