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Estele is the first fashion jewellery brand in India. The jewellery from this brand comes with imitation plating or precious metal plating. You will also find the jewellery pieces adorned with finishes enamelling, faux pearls, and rhinestones.

There are over 100k designs to choose from…with 40k dedicated Estele styles. Some of the renowned celebrities that have been brand ambassadors include Lisa Ray, Katrina Kaif, Aditi Gowitrikar, and Shyamoli Verma.

Estele Gift Cards are available at the best prices. Redeem your Gift Cards easily on your next purchase from this online store. For more information about Gift Cards, keep reading. 

Estele Gift Cards for Occasions

Special occasions require you to send something special as a gift. If you plan to give jewellery, consider sending your loved ones Estele Gift Cards. This is ideal for all special occasions: be it birthdays, anniversaries, New Year, etc. For festive gifting, too, you can choose this option. The recipient needs to follow the steps mentioned on this page.

Estele Gift Cards for Corporate Gifting

Give your clients and employees something elegant in the form of an Estele Gift Card. Choose this Gift Cards for all corporate gifting needs: reward & recognition, annual bonus, employee appreciation, client management, etc. They can choose whatever they from the online store of this brand. 

How to buy an Estele Gift Card?

Follow these steps to buy an Estele Gift Card:

  • Login to your GyFTR account using your credentials.
  • Hover your mouse over Apparel & Accessories and choose Estele from the list.
  • Hit the ADD button to choose the denomination of your choice.
  • Press the CHECKOUT button. Pay with one of the payment options.

You will get your voucher instantly. 

How to redeem an Estele Gift Card?

Redeem your voucher easily by following these steps:

  • Open the brand website: estele.co.
  • Choose the apparel you want to order.
  • On the checkout page, choose Gift Card as the mode of payment.
  • Enter the Gift Card code in the space provided and hit the Redemption button.

Your voucher will be redeemed instantly.

What’s the validity of an Estele Gift Card?

The validity of an Estele Gift Card is one year from the date of purchase. Once expired, the voucher can’t be

Can I get an Estele Gift Card again if I lose the original one?

If you lose your Estele Gift Card, you can get one again. Press the chat assistant icon on this page (bottom right corner). Follow the instructions that appear on the chat support window. You will receive Gift Card details again after the final step.

What’s the validity of an Estele Gift Card?

An Estele Gift Card usually comes with a validity period of 12 months. Still, we suggest you look at your Gift Card message for the exact details.

Can I use more than one Estele Gift Card in a single transaction?

Yes, you can use more than one Estele Gift Card in one transaction. It always helps to tell the retail store that you’ll pay via Gift Cards beforehand.

What happens if the bill crosses the Estele Gift Card?

If the final bill is more than the Estele Gift Card…you need to pay the balance via one of the payment methods.

How do I pay for my Estele Gift Card?

You can pay for your Estele Gift Card via:

  • UPI Payments
  • Mobile Wallets
  • GyFTR Pay
  • Debit/Credit Card