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About Health & Wellness

Health is more than just staying free of diseases. It is more about the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of an individual. The World Health Organization (WHO) also talks about all these aspects in its definition of Health.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, we also believe in encouraging our loved ones. Sending them health & wellness gift cards is the best way to do so. When you order such vouchers from GyFTR, you get discounted deals on health products.

Similarly, you can also enjoy grooming product discounts when selecting a voucher from this category. This is applicable to most of the brands offering grooming essentials for men and women.

Let’s have a look at the popular health products gift cards you can order instantly.

Netmeds Gift Cards

An online portal, Netmeds lets you order medicines and wellness products with a click of a few buttons. Diagnostic tests can also be booked instantly for all ailments. This online pharmacy lets you buy personal care products, baby products, and mother products. You can use a Netmeds gift card to get discounts or send it to your loved ones who require medication on a regular basis.

Decathlon Gift Cards

Indulging in sports comes with plenty of benefits. For starters, you stay healthy and active. Playing sports regularly also releases endorphins--the happy hormone of your body. Those who are sporty at heart regularly visit a Decathlon to get their sports gear, sportswear, and accessories. With a Decathlon gift card, you can enjoy discounts on your purchase. It’s also a great gifting option for those with active lifestyles.

Seniority Gift Cards

We can’t ignore Seniority while talking about Gift cards for health products. During the golden years of life, you need a lot of devices and products to assist you in daily life activities. Seniority makes all such products available through this online portal. You can order physiotherapy products, personal care products, bathroom support products, medical equipment, mobility aids, and food & diet. Seniority gift cards make it easier to order all these products seamlessly online.

Kama Ayurveda Gift Cards

GyFTR is also a haven for beauty products gift cards, with Kama Ayurveda being one of the bestselling options.

Kama Ayurveda brings the ancient secrets of beauty and wellness to you in the form of skincare, hair care products, and bath & body products. The use of completely natural products like gooseberries, aloe vera, coriander, ginger, and green tea olives ensures it is safe and highly effective. Get up to a 12 percent discount on Kama Ayurveda gift cards from GyFTR. This is one of the best grooming product discounts you can get on this portal.

Cult Fit Gift Cards

You don’t have to visit a gym to get access to fitness sessions. Cult Fit proves this fact. This smartphone app opens up the world of health & fitness with Zumba, yoga, dance fitness, cardio, and other formats. Many fitness-conscious celebrities also post their workout sessions to inspire active individuals like you. And, there are live videos in which you can do the workouts and stay inspired with their unique energy meter. With a Cult Fit gift card, get great discounts on your membership. Sending a voucher to your loved ones is also a great way to encourage them to indulge in exercises. Now, you don’t have to look anywhere else while searching for Cure Fit discounts.

The Man Company Gift Cards

As a 21-century male, you can’t compromise your skin and hair health. Thanks to The Man Company, you can have plenty of hair care and skincare products that are specially formulated for males. These premium grooming essentials are made using the finest ingredients and natural essential oils. This health & wellness gift card gives you access to all these products with up to a 20% discount. These vouchers can be sent to your dad, bro, hubby, friend, or boyfriend during special occasions or any random day.

Plum Gift Cards

When one thinks of an Indian cosmetics brand with 100% vegan products, perhaps Plum pops up in the mind. From a massive variety of shower gels, body mists, and hand care products to face scrubs, face masks, and hair oils, and moisturizers, you get a myriad of options to look and feel good. Plum Gift cards from GyFTR come with a whopping 30 percent off. You can use it for your next order or gift it instantly to someone special.

Kiehl’s Gift Cards

A 150-year old brand, Kiehl’s is an iconic name in the world of cosmetics and body care products. Discover a wide collection of products for anti-aging, dull skin, dark circles, enlarged pores, etc. You will also find products for color-treated hair, normal hair, frizzy & unruly hair, and thin & damaged hair. There are plenty of gift sets you send to your loved ones or business contact during various occasions. Or, you can get a Kiehl’s gift card from GyFTR for gifting purposes. You will get these gift cards with up to a 10 percent discount on this portal.

Call Health Gift Cards

CallHealth offers an array of healthcare services through its online portal. This online service enables you to purchase medicines, consult doctors, get diagnostic tests done, and receive medical services like physiotherapy, nursing, etc. You can also ask for facilitation services in cases where you need to visit imaging centers or hospitals. Get up to 25% OFF on CallHealth gift cards from GyFTR. The Call Health promo code provided with your voucher can be used to purchase anything available on the website.

Use it to choose the healthcare services for yourself or gift them to those important people in your life.

The Body Shop Gift Cards

A pioneer in natural cosmetics, The Body Shop was the first brand in its domain to prohibit animal testing of its products. Some best-selling products include tea tree oil, British Rose shower gel, Ginger Anti Dandruff shampoo, and Strawberry body polish. Apart from these options, there are thousands of body care, skincare, and hair care products based on your body type and concerns.

Apollo Pharmacy Gift Cards

Largest pharmacy chain from India, Apollo Pharmacy is your gateway to over-the-counter medicines, prescription drugs, and wellness products. With its presence in 400 Indian cities, it is a trusted name to get genuine medicines. Apart from 24/7 outlets, the store has started to cater to its customers through its online store. You will find plenty of baby care, personal care, health foods, and supplements from both online and offline stores. From GyFTR, get its health product E-Gift Cards at the best prices. It’s a valuable gift you can give to your parents, grandparents, or anyone else who requires medication regularly.

So, if you are searching for health & wellness gift cards, you know where to reach.

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