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It was 2014. FabHotels suffered from the same problem that most of us face: over-priced hotels. The difference was they decided to do something about it. Today, the brand has a network of 450+ 3-star hotels across 40+ Indian cities. For customers like you, this translates to 10,000+ rooms to choose from. The days of staying overnight at luxury hotels is over. Finally. 

Save Money With FabHotels

How many times have you failed to find a decent, budget hotel for a trip? Because while booking hotels, you never seem to find places at reasonable prices. You go for a 5-day budget trip to Manali or Leh. And all the options you get fall outside your budget. With FabHotels, that will never be the case. The budget-hospitality brand that our country lacked has arrived. Now you know how to save money while traveling.

FabHotels Gift Cards For Occasions

The world is experiencing a new trend. Traveling is the new way to live. People are doing jobs for this. They save money for this. Everyone, from your nephew to your grandmother wants to travel. This is what makes FabHotels gift vouchers the ultimate gift. People find it difficult to choose gifts, especially during the festive season. Rather than gifting your loved ones the same boring gifts, choose FabHotels gift vouchers. And give them the chance to choose their own gifts. With FabHotels gift cards, the probability of them dumping your gifts will become naught. So go for FabHotels gift cards for Diwali, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, your anniversary or someone’s birthday. Your loved ones will consider you thoughtful. And you will be getting better gifts on your birthday.

FabHotels Gift Card For Corporate Gifting

Tired of gifting the same old corporate Diwali gifts? How about FabHotels gift cards for your employees, clients and partners? With FabHotels gift cards, you will give them options without restrictions. They can use FabHotels gift cards for a business trip to Bangalore. Or redeem them while planning a budget trip with their buddies to the North-East. You give them the option of using the gift to buy an item for their loved ones. Or for themselves. Use FabHotels gift cards, and you will remove the possibility of your gift ending in the bin. Your clients won’t get a more thoughtful gift this Diwali. And they will tell you the same.

Get FabHotels Gift Voucher For Free

There are multiple ways to get a FabHotels gift voucher for free. You may use loyalty points from your HDFC Solitaire Credit Card, IndusInd Credit Card, BPCL Petro Card or RBL Credit Card to buy a FabHotels gift card at no cost.  

How To Redeem Your Voucher Code

  • Login to https://bit.ly/36n9Bcl. Select the hotel and room type.
  • Click on ‘Have a gift voucher’ once you have found the property you were looking for.
  • Enter the voucher number.
  • The gift voucher amount will be deducted from the total bill.  
  • Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

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