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Jockey is an American manufacturer and retailer of innerwear, sleepwear & sportswear for men, women, and kids. Jockey is well renowned for inventing the first-ever men’s Y-Front Brief back in 1934. It is a recognized trademark in 120 countries across the globe. Did you know that Jockey was originally known as Coopers Inc? Today Jockey is widely known for its fabulous range of undergarments which consists of all the required quality. They truly live up to their tagline “Clothing mankind”

What does Jockey have in store for you?

Men - Men can find an interesting range of inner wears, vests, apparel tops, apparel bottoms. Some of their top collection includes Modern Classic, USA Originals, International Collections and more.

Women - Women can find pretty inner wears, apparel tops, apparel bottoms, tops for teens, and bottoms for teens. The range of top collections for women include

Shapewear, Active Athleisure, Fashion Essentials, Essence, Miss Jockey, and more.

Kids - Kids can find a fun variety of undergarments, apparel tops, and apparel bottoms. Some of their famous collections include Relax, Pop Colour, Young Casuals, etc. 

If you didn’t already know, Jockey also offers accessories like adult unisex masks, kids masks, men & women socks, towels, caps & handkerchiefs.

So it’s time you invest in the best for yourself, give your body the comfort it deserves, and allow yourself to feel flexible with Jockey gift cards from Gyftr.

Avail discounts like no other and enjoy maximum savings while you shop from your favorite store Jockey.

Jockey Gift Cards for Special Occasions

Gifting fancy gifts is okay, but gifting comfort is better. The recipient will receive utmost comfort and happiness in the form of a Jockey Gift Card. Alongside, they get to choose what they find the best from a catalog of amazing inner wear, underwear, apparel and so much more. Occasions that work well to gift a Jockey gift card are Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Diwali, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and a lot more.

Jockey Gift Cards for Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting can really be a task and we can never deny that. But gifting Jockey gift cards is easy and thoughtful. Your gift is thoughtful and will spread a cheer around your organization. Hence, Jockey Gift cards is pretty much a great  corporate gifting option

How to buy a Jockey Gift Card?

To buy a Jockey Gift Card, follow the steps given below :

  • Visit gyftr.com
  • On the homepage, Visit the ‘Fashion' category and from the drop-down menu select ‘Jockey’
  • From the available denominations, choose your preferred gift card value
  • Click on Checkout & pay using the available payment methods

You will receive your Jockey gift card a few minutes after the transaction is completed.

How to redeem my Jockey Gift Card?

To redeem your Jockey Gift Card, follow the steps given below :

  • Visit jockey.in and log in using your credentials
  • Add to cart your desired products
  • On the cart page click on the Gift Voucher tab.
  • Enter the gift card details & click on the pay
  • The remaining amount can be paid using the available payment method

The Jockey Gift Card can be redeemed only on Jockey's official website.
It cannot be redeemed at Jockey’s physical outlet.

What is the validity period of my Jockey Gift Card?

Gift Cards from Gyftr usually last between a period of 3 to 6 months. To know the precise validity period of your gift card, kindly check your Jockey Gift Card details.

Is this a physical gift card ?

No, Gyftr does not offer any type of physical gift card. This is an E-Gift Card.

You will receive your Jockey Gift Card a few minutes after the transaction is completed via SMS or email.

How many times can a Jockey Gift Card be used?

A jockey can be used only once. The Jockey gift card cannot be used multiple times.

What if my Jockey Gift Card expires?

It is advisable to use your Jockey Gift Card before the given expiration date to avoid disappointment.

What are the available denominations of the Jockey Gift Card?

The available denomination of the Jockey Gift Card are as follows :

  • INR 250
  • INR 500
  • INR 1000
  • INR 2000
  • INR 5000

Can I share my Jockey gift card with someone else?

Yes, you can share your Jockey gift card with your friends, family, or associates. Just ensure to share the correct gift card details and redemption procedure.

What are the applicable payment methods?

To buy Jockey Gift Cards, you can pay using your debit card, credit card, UPI, Gyftr pay.

What if I lose my Jockey Gift Card?

In case you lose your Jockey Gift card, follow the steps given below

  • Visit Gyftr’s homepage at gyftr.com
  • On the bottom right of the homepage, click on the Virtual Chat Assistant Option
  • Choose ‘I have lost my voucher’ option
  • Enter the mobile number used to purchase the Jockey gift card.
  • From the listed brands, select ‘Jockey’

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