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Looking for a great gift for your children? Use a Hamley Gift Card to buy something special.

Hamleys®? Toy Store is the kids’ favorite destination in town. This chain of toy stores has some of the premium toys, games, and merchandise from top brands. Your kid can select from an immense selection, which includes:

  • Action Figures
  • Art & Craft Sets
  • Books & Magazines
  • STEM and educational kits
  • Construction sets
  • Dolls and playhouses
  • Musical instruments
  • And countless other options

Take a Hamleys Gift Cards with you when visiting an outlet with your children. At GyFTR, we offer amazing deals and discounts on these vouchers for our customers like you. Keep reading for all the details.

Hamleys Gift Cards for those special kids

Buying a gift for your nephew/niece is often tougher than buying one for your own kid. The latter will tell you about their choice. For the former, you can select a Hamley Gift Cards. Using this gift voucher, they can order the gift or game of their choice. You can be a Santa for your friends’ kids by giving them these vouchers on their birthdays or children’s days. This is also a great gift you can send when they score well in their exams. The gift also works well for Christmas, Diwali, New Year, Rakshabandhan, Eid, and other festivals.

Hamleys Gift Cards for corporate gifting

This time, go beyond generic corporate gifts for your clients. Choose something delightful for their kids. A Hamleys Gift Cards is a great option. Send it to your clients as a special gesture after closing a deal or during a special occasion. This is also a fantastic gift for your employees. Send it to them as a part of sales incentives, R&R, and annual bonus. Of course, this is ideal for those with kids.

I have more than one Hamleys Gift Cards. Can I use them in one bill?

Yes, that’s the beauty of the Hamleys Gift Cards. You can use multiple Gift Cards on a single bill without any hassle. Though, it always helps to inform the store about using the voucher before shopping.

Where can I use my Hamleys Gift Cards?

You can use your Hamleys Gift Cards at all eligible outlets of this brand. Find the eligible outlets by visiting this link: https://luxegiftcard.com/pages/store-locator The Gift Cards is applicable at the outlets of all other participating brands under the Luxe Gift Cards. The Hamleys Voucher can not be used online.

What to do if I lose my Hamleys Gift Cards?

We will help you get a Hamleys Gift Cards in case you lose one. Press the virtual chat assistant icon present on the bottom right side. It opens up the chat window where our virtual assistant -- Ema -- will guide you through the process. Just follow the instructions to get your Gift Cards back in minutes. And that too, without paying anything EXTRA.

What can I buy with my Hamleys Gift Cards?

With your Hamleys Gift Cards, you can purchase anything available in the store. This includes games, toys, books, educational materials, Lego, musical instruments, etc. With your voucher, there are no restrictions on what you can or can’t buy.

What if the product cost is more than the Hamleys Gift Cards amount?

If the amount of your Hamleys Gift Cards is more than the product cost, you can pay the remaining amount via one of the applicable modes. This includes cash, credit/debit cards, UPI, or mobile phone wallets. You can also purchase another Hamleys Gift Cards instantly via app or website.

How to buy a Hamleys Gift Cards?

Follow these steps to buy a Hamleys Gift Cards:

  1. Create your GyFTR account. Log in if already registered.
  2. Click on the Search icon present on the top right of the screen. Type “Hamleys” and then press Enter.
  3. Press the ADD button on the brand page to choose the voucher amount.
  4. Press the View/Edit Cart button. Then, make the payment using one of the applicable payment methods.

You will get your gift voucher instantly.

How to redeem a Hamleys Gift Cards?

Follow these steps to redeem a Hamleys Gift Cards:

  1. Find the eligible Hamleys outlets using the Store Locator option.
  2. Visit one of the stores. Then, select the items of your choice.
  3. At the payment counter, show your Gift Cards code.
  4. The attendant will deduct the amount from your bill. Pay the balance.

Note: The terms Gift Cards and gift vouchers are used interchangeably on this page and have the same meaning.

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