Send Gifts to Your loved Ones During Lockdown, Delivery Guaranteed

So far 2020 is a forgettable year for most of us. The summer vacations that we had planned stand postponed. The summer collection fashion list will have to give way to the winter collection. The birthday parties that we planned together with friends can at best be done in isolation. But we need not lose hope because this too shall pass. As they say, the show must go on. We will soon come together and celebrate like party animals just like we did before.

GyFTR has gifts for all of your friends

While you are at home right now, you can’t meet your friends on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals etc. But social distancing does not stop you from organising virtual Zoom meetings with friends and having a gala timing. Whether it is a friend’s birthday, anniversary, or festival, you can go ahead and send him/her a gift voucher of his/her favourite brand. While your friends may be able to use some Gift Vouchers now, they can use the other Gift Vouchers later as most of them come with a validity of 3 – 12 months.

For the nomad

Is your friend one of those who always keeps a travel bag ready in his car so that he can grab the 1st opportunity to take a vacation? What can be a better gift for him than a travel Gift Voucher. You can book a MakeMyTrip Gift Voucher or Fab Hotels Gift Voucher from the GyFTR website. You just need to enter your friend’s name, email id, mobile number, message and the Gift Voucher will be delivered to your friend with rocket speed.

For the shopping buff

Okay, so your friend revamps her wardrobe with every change in season. We get it. Double your friend’s happiness by sending her fashion Gift Vouchers. You can buy Myntra Gift Vouchers or Amazon Gift Vouchers from the GyFTR website and send them to your friend so that she can thank you for her next season’s latest collection.

For the foodie

Your friend is someone who lives to eat? Go ahead and gift him Zomato Gift Vouchers so that he can relish the next meal and thank you for it. You can also give Gift Vouchers of offline brands like Baskin Robbins Gift Vouchers or Beer Café Gift Vouchers so that your friend can visit his favourite restaurant once they open up again for business.

Guaranteed delivery of Gift Vouchers

The gift vouchers of all brands will be delivered almost instantly through email and SMS. So, the delivery is guaranteed. As there are no physical vouchers involved, there is no need for courier delivery partners, who are restricted from working during the lockdown. On the receipt of the voucher code, the recipient can use them to make contactless payments.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 to 12 months

Please note that all the Gift Vouchers bought from the GyFTR website come with a validity of 3 to 12 months. So, for whatever reason, if the Gift Vouchers cannot be immediately used during the lockdown, they can be used sometime later, once the lockdown is lifted.

Contactless payments and contactless delivery

Gift Vouchers are a safe and secure way to make contactless payments. They help you avoid touchpoints like an exchange of currency. Also, most e-commerce companies have come up with a contactless delivery option. They will keep the parcel outside your home and leave. You can then pick up the parcel without any contact with the delivery person. For safety reasons, if possible, you may keep the parcel in your home at such a place where no one touches it for a day or two days. You can then safely open the parcel.


While the lockdown requires us to stay at home for our safety, we can still go about ordering food and other essential stuff that we need. Doorstep delivery of essential products by e-commerce companies makes this possible. During such times, Gift Vouchers are a blessing as they make contactless payments and contactless deliveries possible, thus adding an important layer of safety for us.

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