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These days, pharmacy stores offer a much wider range of products than just medicines. Apollo Pharmacy is one of them offering more than 5000 products spread across various product categories. Apart from medicines, it offers supplements, immunity boosters, hygiene products, personal care products, baby foods, health drinks, etc.

Save up to 8% with Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers from GyFTR

You can buy Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers from the GyFTR website and save up to 8%. The Gift Vouchers can be used to buy life-saving medicines at Apollo Pharmacy stores spread across the length and breadth of India. Their stores are well stocked with prescription-based medicines, over the counter (OTC) and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Their stores are accredited with international quality certifications and offer genuine medicines, 24 hours round the clock. Apollo Pharmacy is India’s first and largest branded pharmacy group with a wide network of 3500+ stores across India.

Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers are an excellent gift

If you know a family member, relative, friend, or colleague who takes regular medicine for any illness, then Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers are an excellent gift to give. They will find these Gift Vouchers extremely useful as they anyways have to buy medicines regularly. They will thank you wholeheartedly for this wonderful gift. Gift Vouchers can be gifted on occasions like birthday, anniversary, festivals, etc. 

You can send Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers to anyone across India. The recipient can use them across their 3500+ store network spread in every nook and corner of the country.

Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers have multiple uses

Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers can be used at network stores for buying many other products along with medicines. Some of these include:

  • Health and wellness products: Apollo pharmacies offer a whole host of health and wellness products. They offer these products under their personal brand (Apollo) as well as other well-known brands in the market. Some of these products include supplements, vitamins, minerals, nutrition products, etc. They also offer immunity boosters in the form of powders and juices. These products are very useful to build immunity against the virus during current times
  • Hygiene products: Apollo pharmacies offer hygiene products like masks, sanitizers, handwashes, disinfectants, etc. During these Covid-19 times, it is very important to wear face masks whenever you move out. Once you are back home, you should use a sanitizer or handwash to clean your hands. You should regularly disinfectant surfaces, common touchpoints, and other places in your home, that are used by family members regularly.
  • Personal care products: Apollo pharmacies also offer a lot of personal care products like oral care, toiletries, face care, body care products. With general stores open for very few hours, coupled with long queues, you can buy personal care products from Apollo pharmacies as they are open throughout the day.
  • Baby foods and health drinks: Apollo pharmacies offer a whole range of baby foods of various brands across all child age groups. They also offer popular health drinks like Bournvita, Horlicks, Boost, Complan, etc. that can be consumed by males as well as females across all age groups.

Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers offer a lot more beyond medicines

As we have discussed above, Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers are very useful, not just for medicines but for various other purposes. During Covid-19 times, when general stores are open for very few hours, coupled with long queues, Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers are a blessing in disguise. 

Along with medicines, Apollo pharmacies help you meet your requirement for overall health and wellness products, hygiene products, personal care products, and a lot more. Another point to note is, the pharmacy stores are open throughout the day without any timing restrictions. During these unprecedented Covid-19 times, what more benefits could you have asked from Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers?

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