Grocery Gift Vouchers For Double Saving This Pandemic

Since the lockdown has been announced from 25th March 2020, all of us are required to stay at home for our safety and that of others. During this period, the Government has come out with a list of essential and non-essential items. Groceries being the most basic requirement of every human, have been included in the list of the essential items. You can order groceries online to be delivered at your doorstep. If e-commerce companies are not delivering in your area due to local administration restrictions then you have no choice but to step out to buy groceries. When you step out of your house, you need to follow all social distancing and safety guidelines issued by the Government. 

With the help of Grocery Gift Vouchers, we will show you how you can purchase groceries, online or offline, and make contactless payments.

Grocery Gift vouchers: Stay safe with contactless payments and contactless delivery

As per the safety guidelines issued by the Government, we need to make sure we avoid as many touchpoints are possible. The exchange of currency is one of them. Gift vouchers are the best way to make contactless payments. 

Online ordering of groceries

If BigBasket is delivering in your area, and if you wish to purchase groceries online, then you can buy BigBasket Gift Vouchers from the GyFTR website. Once you receive the voucher code, you can add the voucher balance to your BigBasket wallet. You can then go ahead and place your order and make contactless payment for ordering your groceries and daily use household products. BigBasket makes contactless delivery by leaving the products outside your house. Once the delivery person has left, you can collect the products, and as a safety measure, you can leave the products in some secluded place in your house for a day or two, and then open it.

Offline purchases of groceries

Some people are still not comfortable purchasing groceries online. They prefer to buy their groceries from the neighbourhood supermarket. Are you also one of them? No worries. From the GyFTR website, you can buy Gift Vouchers of offline brands like Big Bazaar Gift Vouchers, Spencer’s Retail Gift Vouchers, or More Gift Vouchers. The best part is you can get a discount of up to 5% on the Gift Vouchers of these brands. You will receive the voucher code on your mobile through SMS and email. You can visit the supermarket and make purchases of your monthly groceries and daily use household goods. At the time of making the payment, you can orally share the voucher code with the cashier at the store and make a contactless payment.

The wide reach of supermarkets

More has got 500+ supermarkets across India. Spencer’s has around 120 stores pan India. Big Bazaar has 239 stores across India. To sum up, the three supermarket chains, combined, have more than 850 stores spread across India. So, you are most likely to find one of the supermarkets in your neighbourhood.

Grocery Gift Vouchers are the best gift

Apart from using grocery Gift Vouchers for your purchases, you can gift them to your family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, and others. They are the best gifts for occasions like birthday, marriage, anniversary, festivals, or any other occasion. The best thing about Gift Vouchers is that they give the recipient the freedom of buying a product of their choice. This makes giving Gift Vouchers well worth it. 

The Gift Vouchers come with a validity of 3 to 12 months. So, it gives the recipient time to plan his / her grocery purchases as per the need. The Gift Vouchers are available in various denominations ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 5000. So, if you are planning to give Gift Vouchers worth, say for example, Rs. 3,000, you can give denominations of Rs. 250 (12 vouchers) or Rs. 500 (6 vouchers) or Rs. 1,000 (3 vouchers). This will give the recipient choice and time to plan out the usage of vouchers rather than using them all at one go.

To conclude Gift Vouchers give freedom of choice, can be sent to anyone, anywhere across the country almost instantly. During the lockdown, Gift Vouchers enable contactless payments and contactless delivery. Hence, Gift Vouchers should be the preferred mode of shopping.

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