New Year Gift Card 2022

Have You Chosen The Right New Year Gift for 2022?

Before the thrill of New Year Parties! Before all the fitness resolutions!

Most of us have to do something challenging: Find a New Year Gift for our loved ones. Although it makes us happy to see the broad smiles on the recipient’s face, buying the gift is never easy.

This is where New Year gift cards come into the picture. At GyFTR, you will have plenty of brand vouchers that work as New Year gifts. Don’t get surprised if we tell you around 49k gift cards were sent on 1st January alone.

You must be wondering: Which is the right gift card for your loved ones. Well, it depends on your lifestyle and preferences. To make the selection more accessible, we have categorized them based on the people’s tastes and lifestyles.

Let’s dive in.

For the fitness enthusiasts

Due to the pandemic, it got tough for fitness enthusiasts to visit a gym regularly. People preferred running or walking in a park near them. Thanks to apps like Cult Fit, working out has become more convenient. You can give Cult Pass gift cards to those who love to stay in shape. It is also an excellent option for those seeking motivation for exercise. Another great option is a Decathlon gift card. This voucher allows the recipient to buy sports gear and exercise equipment. Again, workout at home will be easier for them with this option.

For the foodies

Do you know someone who seeks excuses to order food from outside? Or is someone always ready to try out new dishes? Or someone who gives you the best options in your city when you ask for the places offering butter chicken, pizza, noodles, dosa, or something else. For them, we have plenty of options. Send them a Swiggy gift card they can redeem in a minute. Using this voucher, they can order delectable food items from eating joints around them. Another suitable option is the Zomato Pro gift card. They can redeem Pro subscription membership instantly — which offers fabulous deals and discounts on dining and delivery.

For the binge-watchers

Binge watchers are always in the search for fresh and engaging video content. Ask them what they have watched, and they will give you a long list of Indian and international web series. They are also our go-to people for suggestions around what to watch. They will love a gift card from the OTT platform. Send them a SonyLiv gift card that allows them to watch LIVE sports tournaments. You can also give them a Zee5 gift card that gives them access to the latest episodes of their TV shows from Zee Network. Another suitable option is a Prime membership gift card also helps them get their orders faster and cheaper.

For the tech lovers

These are people you turn to when asking for the latest phone or laptop recommendations. A Croma gift card is a perfect option for them. They can redeem it for the latest gadgets or home appliances. Skullcandy gift card is another option you can send if they are into high-tech audio. You can also consider a Go Noise gift card.

For the travelers

People with the most extensive bucket lists come under this category. Those who might have already planned out their next three trips. Or those who make instant plans for solo or group travels. Make their trip planning easier with a gift card. A MakeMyTrip gift card is another great option for this purpose.

We hope finding the right gift card is now easier for New Year gifting. Feel free to connect with us for more gifting ideas. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.

A Very Happy New Year if you read this after 31st December 2021.


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