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Looking for affordable healthcare and insurance solutions? Use FinuSmart gift cards for the best options.

FinuSmart is inspiring a healthy India with its healthcare and wellness brands. With a FinuSmart membership, you get up to 25% OFF on prescription medications. Plus, there’s a discount of up to 15% on diagnostic tests.

What separates this healthcare plan from others is the pocket-sized insurance solutions. Enjoy value-added and customized health insurance solutions from top insurers. Stay in the pink of your health with fitness and yoga sessions by this firm.

You can customize the solutions to meet your healthcare needs and budget. The superior customer support makes it easier to resolve your queries. And get the right packages.

This is also an ideal solution you can choose for your employees.

When you plan to buy a package from this service provider, use a FinuSmart gift card from GyFTR. We offer these gift cards at the best prices with different denominations.

FinuSmart Suraksha gift card for your loved ones

Your dear ones deserve quality healthcare. Give it to them in the form of a FinuSmart gift card. They can enjoy pocket-sized insurance covers for their basic healthcare and wellness. This meaningful gift can be sent on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or even weddings. Or, you can send it to them on any random day to preserve their health.

FinuSmart Suraksha gift card for corporate gifting

FinuSmart is a meaningful corporate gifting option you can choose for your clients and employees. This solution for pocket-sized insurance and other needs ensure they remain in the best of their health. Something like an insurance gift voucher tells your stakeholders you care for them. Expect a better and long-term relationship that is fruitful for your business.

How to buy a FinuSmart Suraksha gift card from GyFTR?

  1. Use your credentials (mobile number & password) to login to your GyFTR account.
  2. Take the mouse pointer to the Health & Wellness section. Choose FinuSmart from the menu.
  3. Choose the voucher amount by pressing the ADD button.
  4. Choose the channel for receiving the voucher. Pay for the voucher after hitting the CHECKOUT button.

You will get your voucher instantly via email and SMS or email and WhatsApp.

How to redeem a FinuSmart Suraksha gift card?

Follow these steps to redeem your voucher:

  • Visit www.finusmart.com or open finusmart.com/solutions.
  • Browse through the available healthcare covers and wellness benefits.
  • Enter your personal details to checkout.
  • Redeem your voucher on the payment page.

What’s the validity of a FinuSmart Suraksha gift card?

A Finusmart gift card is valid for 365 days from the issuance date. For the exact details, refer to the gift card message sent to your mobile/email.

What are the available denominations of FinuSmart Suraksha gift cards?

The available denominations of FinuSmart gift cards are:

  • 1000

The available denominations of gift vouchers are subject to change without notice.

Where can I use my FinuSmart Suraksha gift cards?

You can use your FinuSmart gift cards on the online portal of this brand. This is applicable across all health and wellness solutions by FinuSmart.

Can I send my FinuSmart Suraksha gift cards to someone else?

Yes, you can easily send your GIVA gift card to anyone else. You have to share the voucher message via any medium (SMS, email, WhatsApp). The recipient will be able to redeem it instantly by following the steps mentioned on this page. They don’t have to pay anything extra for this purpose.

Can I use my GyFTR Pay balance to buy a FinuSmart Suraksha gift card?

Sure, you can use your GyFTR Pay balance for purchasing a GIVA gift card from GyFTR.

What can I do if I lose my FinuSmart Suraksha gift card?

GyFTR’s virtual assistant “Ema” can assist you in case you lose your FinuSmart voucher. Follow the instructions that pop up on the virtual assistant chat window. And to open the chat support window, press the icon present on the bottom right corner.

Can I renew my FinuSmart Suraksha gift card in case it expires?

No, you cannot use or renew your FinuSmart gift card in case it expires. This is why we recommend you to set a reminder of the voucher’s expiration date. Ensure the reminder is easily accessible through SMS or email.

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