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More About Hyperice

Today, people are becoming more aware of their health and wellness. Whether it be a regular job-oriented person or a fitness enthusiast, everyone is choosing a healthy lifestyle for their own greater good. To achieve this, people are indulging in activities like yoga, and meditation to hitting the gym so they can lead healthier and happier lives. Hyperice understands this and has introduced its amazing range of products like Hypervolt, Venom, Normatec and many others especially meant for such people. The categories of products include Percussion, Dynamic Air Compression, Vibration, to even Ice Compression. With Hyperice Gift Cards you can shop for premium health and wellness products at good discounts.

Hyperice Digital Gift Cards for Occasions

Wondering what you should gift your loved ones on occasions like Diwali, Holi, or on their anniversaries? Hyperice is really one of the most unique options you can gift your near and dear ones. The kind of benefits these products have is simply unmatchable. There is no reason why they won't like your choice of gift. You can buy Hyperice Gift Cards for Diwali, Hyperice Gift Cards for anniversaries, and Hyperice Gift Cards for occasions like Holi. You can check the product offerings at www.hyperice.in

Hyperice E-Gift Cards for Corporate Gifting

Gifting your employees can be a tough task. When it comes to gifting your employees, and partners, Hyperice Gift Cards is your perfect choice. Whether it be gifting for employee appreciation, an employee anniversary, the people in your professional circle are going to simply love it. If you are looking for an online gift then without any second thought, you should go for Hyperice Gift Cards.

How to Buy Hyperice Digital Gift Card?

Here's how you can buy Hyperice Digital Gift Card:

  • Visit gyftr.com
  • Search for Hyperice
  • Add the denomination of your choice
  • Pay using the available payment method

How to Redeem Hyperice Gift Card?

Here's how you can redeem your Hyperice E-Gift Card:

  • Go to www.hyperice.in
  • Search for the category page
  • Choose the product of your choice
  • Add to cart for buying
  • Enter the discount code
  • Check out for payment


Why should you purchase a Hyperice E-Gift Card?

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then there cannot be a better choice for you to buy Hyperice Gift Card. Plus, with GyFTR, you can get the best discounts easily. 

Can multiple Hyperice Gift Cards be used in a single transaction?

No, two Hyperice E-Gift Cards cannot be used on a single purchase. And in case of a purchase done on a value of less than the Gift Card value, the excess amount will neither be refunded and also cannot be redeemed later on.

Is it a physical Gift Card or an online Gift Card?

The Hyperice Gift Card is a digital Gift Card. After making the payment, you will be receiving your Hyperice Gift Card via email, SMS or Whatsapp message on your registered mobile number.

How many times can a Hyperice E-Gift Card be used?

You can use/redeem your Hyperice Gift Card only once.

What if my Hyperice Gift Card expires?

We request that you redeem your E-Gift Card as early as possible. The Gift Card will become invalid after the validity date mentioned in the Gift Card details shared with you.

What are the available denominations of a Hyperice Gift Card?

Here are the available denominations of a Hyperice Gift Card(s):

  • Rs.5000
  • Rs.10000

How can I gift a Hyperice E-Gift Card to someone else?

Here's how you can gift a Hyperice Gift Card to someone else.

  • Select the Card amount by pressing the ADD button
  • Choose the option I am Gyfting. Enter the recipient’s details
  • Press the CHECKOUT button. Pay using one of the payment options
  • The recipient will receive the Gift Card in a matter of minutes

What are the applicable payment methods to buy a Gift Card?

On Gyftr.com you can pay using your Debit Card, Credit Card, and UPI.

What happens if I lose my Hyperice Gift Card?

In case you lose your Gift Card, no need to worry or panic. Follow the instructions appearing on your chat support window. You will be receiving your Gift Card details as you complete this step.

Alternatively, you can also visit https://www.gyftr.com/contact-us use the "Resend my Gift Card" section of this page.

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