Hacks to Save money on a perfect Weekend with E Gift Vouchers

For many people, a perfect weekend at the mall includes enjoying their favourite movie at the multiplex, followed by some entertainment and games, and finishing the day with a scrumptious meal. While some people go ahead and enjoy this kind of weekend, some hold back because it comes at a cost. If you belong to the latter group, don’t worry. We will show you how you can enjoy your perfect weekend at the mall and at the same time save some money with E gift voucher. We hope this brings a big smile on your face. So lets deep dive into it.

Live the movie experience with PVR

Movies are an integral part of our lives. They entertain us. They bring out all our emotions. They make us jump with joy, they make us cry. They give us messages for life. They inspire us. They bring our favourite stars in action. Whatever be your reason to watch the latest flick, you can buy Bookmyshow E gift vouchers from the GyFTR website and enjoy up to 5% discount. If you are a PVR patron then you can buy PVR E gift vouchers and enjoy up to 10% discount on your next movie watching experience at PVR.

Full-on entertainment with SMAAASH

SMAAASH is one of India’s most acclaimed gaming and entertainment centres. It brings together sports, virtual reality, music, and dining under one roof. It brings an immersive, evolved, interactive and innovative social experience for family, friends and children alike. Whether you want to smash the ball out of the stadium with your bat or knock off the pins in style at the bowling arena or score some goals with penalty shoot outs, SMAAASH has it all to entertain you. So head to your favourite SMAAASH centre. Let us give you a small kicker from our side. When you buy SMAAASH E gift vouchers from GyFTR, we give you up to 15% discount and 100% more entertainment.

Finger-licking chicken from KFC

After the movie and entertainment, you are bound to be hungry and crave for your favourite food. You can head straight towards the KFC outlet in the food court and grab your finger-licking chicken. It is hand-breaded freshly prepared and hence nothing but the best. When you buy KFC gift vouchers from GyFTR, we give you up to 10% discount so that you can treat yourself a little extra from our side. If you are someone who craves pizzas on the weekend, then you can relish your favourite pizza at Pizza Hut. Their ‘Everyday Value’ deal is bound to WOW you. When you buy Pizza Hut gift vouchers from GyFTR, we give you up to 10% discount to WOW you.

To conclude, you enjoyed your movie, let your inner kid out with SMAAASH gaming and relished your scrumptious meal. So that was a perfect weekend, high on satisfaction, yet low on the pocket with GyFTR E gift vouchers.

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