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Must have electronic gadgets at home

The mission statement of Philips reads: “To improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation”

Along with Philips, there are a lot of companies that are innovating and building electronics powered by technology that has improved people’s lives drastically. Today we will discuss some electronic gadgets that have changed people’s lives for the better and hence these electronic gadgets are must-haves at home. We will talk about electronic gadgets that have touched our lives in various aspects including entertainment, convenience, health, security, etc. So let us start with entertainment.

  • Entertainment: Enjoy unlimited entertainment with Smart TVs

Whether you want to watch the latest IPL cricket match with stadium-like experience or cheer for your favourite soccer team or enjoy the latest Bollywood flick with theatre-like experience, get the best viewing experience on a smart TV. Smart TVs have completely changed our perception of the way we view entertainment. These days there are many smart TVs available in the market. 

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  • Convenience: Your wish is my command with Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)

Now let us look at the next aspect of life which is convenience. Amazon Echo has become synonymous with convenience. You name it and Amazon Echo does it. Alexa is the brain behind Echo devices. It plays music and entertains you. It can give you news, information, and weather updates along with answering general knowledge questions for your children. It can make phone calls for you. 

It can switch off lights, turn on the AC, or dim the bedroom lights. It can do the shopping for you. When you feel down, it can tell you jokes to uplift your mood. At night, it can tell stories to help your kids sleep, in the morning it can wake you up with an alarm and help you meditate. So, in short, Alexa is a modern-day genie who can fulfill all your wishes. All you need to do is command. The word convenience has been altogether redefined by Amazon Echo.

  • Security: With security camera take control of your home security from anywhere in the world

Along with entertainment and convenience, the security of the house is of paramount importance. Electronics powered by technology are playing a crucial role in home security these days. One such product is the WiFi Security Camera from Sricam. When you are in the office, the camera makes it easy to monitor your kids and elderly parents at home, on your smartphone – anytime, anywhere. You just need to install the app on your mobile and start viewing it.

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  • Health: Improve your health, one step at a time with Fitbit Charge 3

Many people exercise and sweat, but are not able to measure how much they have worked out and hence lose motivation. This is where electronic gadgets powered by technology are making inroads and keeping people motivated to go the distance. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker measures calorie burn and does 24/7 heart rate tracking. It comes with 15+ exercise goals, lets you set goals, and see progress in real-time. It records time spent in various sleep stages and gives tips for better sleep.

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Electronic gadgets  improve the overall quality of your life

Every few days we see new electronic gadgets powered by technological innovations are introduced. We also see more features being added to existing electronics. All of these are working towards improving the overall quality of your life. Please note that: “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”. So use it as a servant and benefit from it. But at the same time don’t allow it to take over and become your master.

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