Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

Christmas is all about family and friends getting together and having a good time in each other’s company.  It is a festival of lights and decorations, dazzling in your best outfits, enjoying delicious food, and gifting. This Christmas, when you meet your family and friends, you can expect to be showered with a lot of love and gifts from them. You too need to return the favour on your family and friends by showering your love and giving them some lovely gifts. So, have you made a list and bought gifts for your loved ones? If not, don’t worry. Here are some excellent Christmas gift ideas for you.

Gift Ideas for her

  • Scented candles

Everybody loves the aroma as it brings in a feel-good factor. Scented candles make a person feel calm, relax, and rejuvenate. Hence, scented candles are one of the best gifts to help a person unwind. The best place to buy these is from an Archies Gallery. ZILLION offers you Archies gift cards at a 10% discount along with ZILLION points (3 points for every Rs. 100 spent).

  • Beauty kit

A beauty kit is any female’s best friend. While choosing a beauty kit for gifting, make sure you select her favourite brand/s. Many brands have readymade hampers specifically made for gifting, saving you from the trouble of preparing your hamper and packing it. Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for beauty kit? Buy The Body Shop gift voucher!

  • Manicure and pedicure kit

This will surely help the lady to get pampered from head to toe. The kit should be compact so that it can be easily carried anywhere. The lady will surely remember you whenever she enjoys her manicure or pedicure session with this kit.

  • Jewellery

“Diamonds are forever,” says the ad line of a well-known brand. Well, we say, not just diamonds, but all jewellery is forever. All females love their jewellery and treasure them a lot. Within jewellery, you can gift ornaments or designer jewellery which is trending these days. You can buy designer jewellery from Voylla. ZILLION offers Voylla gift vouchers with 3 ZILLION Points for every Rs. 100 spent.

  • Cooking recipe book

In India, any festival and scrumptious food go hand in hand and Christmas is no exception. If the person to whom you want to gift, loves cooking, then a cooking recipe book will surely bring a big smile on her face. You may find out who is her favourite chef and accordingly do some research to buy that chef’s book. 

The above were some of the gifting suggestions for females. Now let us shift our focus to gifting ideas for male counterparts.

Gift Ideas For Him

  • Leather wallet

If the person to whom you are gifting spends more than his budget, then a wallet is the best gift to get across your savings message. Leather wallets are stylish and have a long life as compared to other wallets. Make sure that the wallet that you choose has multiple pockets for currency, bank cards, and other cards and documents. You can purchase a Hidesign gift voucher from the ZILLION website at a 10% discount and buy the wallet of your choice for gifting.

  • Personalised coffee mug

For many men, coffee is a part of their daily routine. This makes a personalised coffee mug a perfect gift. He will remember you every day, multiple times in a day, while having his favourite coffee in the personalised coffee mug.

  • Spa sessions

These days everybody’s professional as well as personal life is quite hectic. So, with a spa session, you can allow the guy to take a break from the routine life and pamper himself with a traditional Ayurvedic massage or a Swedish massage. He will love it and will forever be thankful to you.

  • Perfumes

In the case of some men, their grooming is not complete without putting their favourite perfume. In the case of such people, gifting a perfume is an easy choice. All you need to know is the person’s preference for a specific brand and its variant.

  • Grooming kit

A grooming kit is essential for men, as much as a beauty kit for females. These days men are very conscious about their looks, hairstyle, and of course beard which is trending these days. Hence a grooming kit as a gift is very much appreciated by men. The grooming kit may include hair care, skin care, hygiene, and beard grooming products, etc. You may make a customised grooming kit or purchase a readily available grooming kit.

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Gift cards: Saving the last for the best

We have given you the best possible gifting ideas. But, if you are still not sure what gift to choose, then the easiest way out is a gift card. Purchase a gift card of a popular brand like Flipkart or Myntra and leave it to the recipient to choose what they want to purchase using that gift card. Gift cards give the recipient the freedom to buy something of their own choice and make their wish come true, which is bound to please them.

With gifts taken care of, now it is time to make remaining preparations for your Christmas celebrations. Do make this year’s Christmas celebration as memorable as earlier ones, if not the best one.

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