Buy Flipkart Gift Vouchers and Get HP Petro Gift Card

Currently we are in Phase 4 of the lockdown and the Government has eased some restrictions as per the latest guidelines that have been issued. Some of the important easing of restrictions include allowing e-commerce companies to deliver essential as well as non-essential goods and allowing a lot of organisations to open so that employees can get back to work. All this can be done by following the social distancing and safety guidelines issued by the Government. Keeping the above in mind, GyFTR has come up with an excellent BOGO offer.

Buy Flipkart Gift Voucher and Get HP Petro Gift Voucher Free

When you purchase a Flipkart Gift Voucher from the GyFTR website, you will get a Hindustan Petroleum (HP) Gift Card free. The BOGO offer is applicable on Flipkart Gift Voucher denominations of Rs. 2000 (free HP Gift Voucher of Rs. 50) and Rs. 5,000 (free HP Gift Voucher of Rs. 100). Flipkart vouchers are particularly useful in the current scenario as the Government has eased restrictions and allowed e-commerce players like Flipkart to deliver essential as well as non-essential goods. The Hindustan Petroleum (HP) Gift Vouchers are useful for people who need to travel to their office to resume work from office.

Flipkart ensures contactless payment and contactless delivery

Contactless payment: Flipkart can deliver all your essentials like groceries and daily use household goods and non-essentials right at your doorstep. Flipkart Gift Vouchers bought from the GyFTR website ensure contactless payment in the following manner:

  1. Once you buy the Flipkart Gift Vouchers from the GyFTR website, head to the Flipkart website (
  2. On the top right side of the page, from the Navigation menu, select “Gift Cards”
  3. Click on “ADD A GIFT CARD” link
  4. In the pop-up window enter the gift card number and pin and click on “ADD GIFT CARD TO ACCOUNT”
  5. You will get the message “Gift Card Successfully Added”
  6. Now you can go about adding products in your cart as you normally do
  7. On the payment page, you can pay from your Gift Card Balance

Contactless delivery: Once you make contactless payment for your order, Flipkart will make a contactless delivery of the products ordered. The delivery person will deliver the package either with the security person of your residential complex or outside your door and leave. You can then collect the package after the delivery person has left.

During Covid-19 times, contactless payment and contactless delivery are very important for your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Flipkart makes both these possible.

HP Petro Gift Card gives you free fuel

With the easing of the lockdown, the Government has allowed a lot of businesses and offices to open up. If you are a business owner or salaried employee, you will need to travel. The free HP Petro Gift Card that comes along with the Flipkart Gift Voucher will take care of your fuel requirement for your travel, up to the Gift Card value. Please keep the following points in mind when using the HP Petro Gift Card:

  1. The Gift Card can be used at selected HPCL outlets
  2. Multiple vouchers can be used in a single transaction
  3. This is a one-time use Gift Card. No credit note/refund will be issued for the unused balance amount
  4. The Gift Card can be used only to pay for petroleum products (petrol, diesel, and CNG)

If you use public transport for your daily commute, then you can gift the voucher to someone who uses his/her personal vehicle for the daily commute. The recipient will be very thankful to you for the lovely gift.

Flipkart – HP is the best combination

During the lockdown, the Flipkart – HP BOGO Gift Vouchers offer from GYFTR is the best combination. Flipkart delivers all your essentials and non-essentials at your doorstep with contactless payment and contactless delivery. The HP Petro Gift Card takes care of your travel expenses to your office. With the month-end approaching, it’s time to buy Flipkart Gift Vouchers to stock up groceries for next month and to benefit from some free travel with HP Petro Gift Card.

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