6 Best Gift Ideas for this New Year

New Year Gift Cards your loved ones will appreciate

As we are inching towards the end of this year, the excitement is getting bigger. You might have already made a few plans or at least have thought about some. Though we want you to have some unforgettable moments, we also recommend you to stay safe. After all, the pandemic isn’t over yet.

Well, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. There are always some safer alternatives. This is true for gifting, too. Rather than visiting markets to purchase greeting cards, chocolates, or other gifts for your loved ones–you can consider Gift cards.

Not only do the gift cards prevent you from visiting the crowded market areas but also ensure you don’t have to visit the house of your friends, relatives, or business contacts. From buying to sending gifts, everything is done online.

You must be wondering: What are the best options that suit the New Year. Well, we are here to help you with this. We have listed the top five New Year Gift Cards that match the occasion.

Here we go…

Cure Fit Live Gift Cards

Getting in shape is one of the most common New Year resolutions across the globe. Perhaps the recipient is planning to reduce some pounds or wants to increase the size of their biceps. Help them out by giving the voucher of Cure Fit Live. At the comfort of their home, the users can join dance fitness, yoga, boxing, meditation, and other forms of workouts. This fitness app also hosts a lot of celebrity fitness classes, wherein a renowned individual gives lessons on how to stay fit. Enjoy great savings–up to 25%–on this New Year Gift Cards when you purchase a gift voucher from Cure Fit Live.

Chaayos Gift Cards

Is your loved one/business contact a Chai lover? The chances are 64% if he/she lives in India, the Tea Board of India says so. Make their next Chai Session exciting with a Chaayos Gift Card. The plethora of options available at the Chaayos outlets will let them have a perfect cup with some delicious snacks.

Let us guess: You are thinking if there’s a discount on those vouchers. Well, the good news is that you have to pay 20% less for the Chaayos Gift card, irrespective of voucher value. Yeah, you can buy those for yourself, too, if you love visiting these outlets.

Home Centre Gift Cards

For many families, the new year is the time to remodel their home. If your loved ones are planning a makeover, you can contribute to the same with a Home Centre gift card. They can get a designer sofa, beds, or closets online using that gift card. Even if they don’t plan a complete overhaul of their property, they can always get a new furniture piece that adds to the decor of their home. The gift cards are available with up to 9 percent discount.

Croma Gift Cards

The home upgrade is also done through the addition of home appliances or electronics. Give them a chance to buy the latest gadgets with a Croma Gift Card. This voucher gives your loved ones/business contact access to the world of electronics like LED TVs, smartphones, laptops, washing machines, and loads of kitchen appliances. These gift vouchers come with discounts, too.

Yatra.com Gift Card

Does your loved one live out of the suitcase? Do most of their conversations revolve around planning for the next trip? Add wings to their travel plans with a Yatra.com gift card. Hotels, villas, flights, buses — they can book all these online using their gift voucher. Holiday packages on this portal can also be booked seamlessly with the gift voucher code in their inbox. A 5 percent flat discount comes with every voucher. Let’s make their Yatra more exciting.

We hope these suggestions will help you select the perfect New Year Gift Cards for your loved ones. If you think the options do not match the lifestyle or preferences of the recipient, check out other categories. There are vouchers from top fashion brands, and then there are those of online/offline grocery stores. For bibliophiles, we have Gift vouchers from all types of magazines.

Time to say goodbye, folks. We are available to help you with all aspects of gift voucher purchase and redemption. Call us at 1800-1033-314.

And have a Safe and Prosperous New Year! Ciao!

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