5 Winter Fashion Trends to Sport This Season

If your winter look this season is the same as always, it is time to step up your game. Your falling enthusiasm when it comes to winter wear with the onset of fall is a result of you not layering your clothes wisely. And that is what we are here for. Winter clothes are our favourite and this season we want to inspire your wardrobe with all the latest winter fashion trends.

  1. Sweater and Skirt
    Who says skirts are for summers? Layer your favorite summer skirt with a plain warm turtleneck. If you don’t have a turtleneck, worry not. Wear a plain pastel sweater and use a bold muffler to stop the cold from hitting your neck. Finish off the look with knee or ankle-length boots depending on how you like them.

2. Coat and Printed Pants
Who says the winter clothes have to be plain and dark? Add pep to your winter wardrobe with printed pants and coats. Use any cardigan and coat and pair it with your favourite stripped pant. Finish off the look with either sneakers or ankle length boots. Hush Puppies has a separate line of boots you can check out to add some edge to your shoe collection.

3. Checkered Coats, Turtlenecks and Hat/Beanie
 A checkered print is forever and so is a checkered coat. You ought to invest in one as they never go out of style. Pairing the coat with a pastel or dark colored turtleneck would not only give your attire a sense of height but also keep you warm in chills as well. To complete the look, add a beanie or a hat and a footwear of your choice. You can also use your coat to mix and match with your other winter apparel and create similar looks. 

4. Cardigan Dresses
 What if we told you that you can wear a cardigan and a dress together? Yes! We call it a cardigan-dress. Benetton has a great collection of these. Get a cardigan dress and pair it with either a coat or leather jacket. Complete the look with knee length boots.

5. Multicolored Heavy Scarves
For this last one, we’d let you have fun with your imagination. Dress up in your regular winter wear and add a multicolored scarf to finish the look. Try dressing up in solid colors so that the colors of your muffler would stand out. No matter what your outfit looks like, a punch of colors would make it different from your usual wear. 

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