Top New Year Gifting Ideas

Gifting is an art, they say. Every occasion calls for celebration and all celebrations are marked with the joy of gifting. I believe that there’s nothing such as a ‘good gift’ or a ‘bad gift’, a gift is either useful to the person to whom it is gifted or it is not. As the new year approaches, plans for new year parties come along and with that comes along the tedious task of selecting gifts. 

Have you decided what you will be gifting this New Year?

Are you someone who’s looking for New Year Gifting Ideas?

Well, you’ve landed on the right page, here in this blog you will be further exploring the Top New Year Gifting Ideas. Do you like when people ask you what you want as a gift? I would say yes, I do like it; but the surprise factor disappears. 

Lately, I learned about this site called  where one can instantly gift personalized Gift Cards. People can get their Gift Card cashed with the gift of their choice, and stay in the awe of surprise at the same time! 

Gifting suggestions for Women on GyFTR

If you are planning a gift for your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, or a lady office colleague and you don’t really want to spoil the surprise by asking them what they want as a gift, just get them a Gift Card. 

Ladies love to get styled up, dresses & accessories are something that they might never get bored of. A Gift Card from Myntra could be a good option for all the fashionistas around you. 

If you want to show your love through a nice food joint, consider Gift Cards from Swiggy. Because the way to a woman’s heart is also through the stomach. You can save some bucks & also, earn up to 10  E-Pay Reward Points by getting Swiggy Gift Cards from GyFTR.

A Croma Gift Card could be the most ideal thing for all the techie girls around you. You don’t really have to research the specifications, just get them the cashable Gift Card and they can do the rest. 

Gifting suggestions for Men on GyFTR

Deciding gifts for men is hard. How many times have you been to shop for the men in your life and felt that you might just repeat gifting something they already have?

Men love accessories. A classic watch or a satin tie could make their collection look worthier. 

I personally love gifting cufflinks. Men love collecting classic accessories as much as we women love collecting stilettos. With 200+ top brands at you can select their favorite brand and gift them the freedom to upgrade their collection. 

I have gifted my father a ₹2000/- Gift Card from Myntra. It has a wide range of shoppable accessories for men from top labels. On shopping for a Myntra ₹2000/- a Gift Card from GyFTR, I saved ₹160/- as it was 8% OFF. 

Another thing that men love is shoes. Let’s be honest men love their shoes expensive. Well, that’s because shoes not only indicate your status but a good pair of shoes help one look sharp from head to toe. My brother has a startup and he’s meeting prominent people from the industry so, I gifted him a Bata Gift Card from GyFTR worth ₹5000/- 

I saved ₹500/- on this, and paid only 4500/- 

With this, I got rewarded with 90 E-Pay Reward Points which is equal to ₹90/- that I redeemed on the Gift Card that I got for my mother.

I shopped at GyFTR this new year and realized that you can find something for everyone here. I gifted and even saved a few bucks without compromising on the quality. Do check out this site to get exciting offers on Gift Cards from top brands.

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