Instant Gift Ideas For Lohri

I belong to a Punjabi family, yes the ‘typical-stereotypical’ one!

We wish Happy Lohri not just by saying ‘Lohri Di Lakh-Lakh Vadhaiyan’, but also by gifting, apart from dancing to beats of our hearts around the big bonfire, singing the famous folklore ‘Sunder Mundriye’. Lohri festival celebrates a new beginning & the season of harvest. The word Lohri is derived from ‘Tilohri’, Til is sesame seed & Rorhi is jaggery/ gur. Lohri day celebrates new energy and these ingredients such as sesame, and jaggery that’s derived from harvested sugarcane, and nuts are very rich sources of good nutrients that keep the body warm and energized. 

As a child, I just enjoyed the fun involved in the rituals of these traditional festivals, but as I grew up I came to know the real essence of it. Sending Gur, Til, Rewri & Ground Nuts to near & dear ones as ‘Shagun’, is just a way to show that you care about their health & well-being. 

I had to leave Bathinda for my job and move to Delhi after I graduated. I had carried an American Tourister trolley and these traditions along with me, while I moved out of my hometown.

Lohri festival and festivals like these are a BIG thing to me, they make me nostalgic and give me a reason to go back to celebrate these traditions again and again. And for all those who can’t go back home to their families & friends back in their hometown or as we Punjabis call ‘Pind’, you can opt for technology’s best bliss “Instant Gift Vouchers”.

This year, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back home for Lohri, but I can’t stay away from these heartwarming traditions. I was looking for an instant yet hassle-free gifting option. To be honest I wanted to send them the warmth of gur & til along with some dry fruits to wish them health & well-being and maintain the pride of this beautiful tradition. Buying it and couriering it from Delhi made no sense, so, I gifted Zomato Gift Cards worth ₹1000/- from GyFTR to my mother & taiji.

I brought one Zomato Gift Card worth ₹1000/- at a FLAT 8% discount from GyFTR and paid just ₹920/- for it, on this buy, I got 9 E-Reward Points and on the next buy, I not only availed the 8%discount but also redeemed my E-Reward Points on it. I paid ₹911/-  only for the second Zomato Gift Card of the same worth. 

I loved the seamless process of gifting, both my mother & taiji received the Gift Cards instantly from GyFTR and ordered dry fruits, gur & other food items of their choice worth ₹1000/- from their favorite outlet using the Zomato Gift Card. 

There’s another very popular tradition that Punjabi families follow on Lohri which is to welcome the new bride with gifts. A family who has got a new member added to the family through marriage, celebrates the Lohri day extra fancied. This is done to make the bride feel at home and to make her feel included in the family. My Bhaiya married last November, and this Lohri is too special for my Bhabi and the whole family. I wanted to remind her of me & the adoration that I carry for her, and thus I got her a Myntra Gift Voucher along with a PC Jeweller Gold Gift Voucher from GyFTR.

I also added Arrow Gift Voucher to my GyFTR cart for my Bhaiya, so that he can choose from a range of finely crafted t-shirts. 

I enjoy shopping for Gift Cards from GyFTR, it makes my gifting easier and happier, as I can be instant while saving money without compromising the quality.

Around Lohri there are festivals like Makar Sankranti & Pongal that celebrate equal spirits, I wish everyone a very happy festive season. If you’re someone looking for gifts and the season’s best deals visit and take pride to celebrate your traditions.

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