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It was my mother’s 55th birthday this month and I wanted it to be a little more special. I love pampering my mother and buying her gifts for her. But this time, I was genuinely running out of gifting options! As we grow old, I have realized gifting works like a communication and a way to bond with your loved ones. 

After much brainstorming, I figured a Health based gift is the need of the hour for my mother. I wanted to show that I care for her. I was looking for health packages and most health packages cost a bomb. 

I found a Full Body Check Up Package by Apollo Pharmacy and quite liked the features it offered. Like this, I checked several other health brands from Healthians to Netmeds. I also researched on the internet and checked the reviews about each of these companies. 

One of my friends had recently purchased Healthians Gift Voucher from a website called GyFTR. He told me that on this website, I could get up to 70% off on top brands Gift Vouchers. His enthusiasm about GyFTR encouraged me to explore it. 

I went to check if they had any Health company onboard so I could save money by shopping for an affordable Health Gift Card. I checked on GyFTR and found that Apollo Pharmacy Gift Card was listed there at a Flat 6% off! I also considered Healthians but then finalised Apollo Pharmacy. The shopping experience was super smooth. With GyFTR, you can also get up to 2% Reward Points every time you shop. Plus, there is also a gifting option under the denomination section of every brand page. I really liked this. 
In my opinion, If you are looking for better deals and savings, GyFTR is the ideal platform for you to explore. I  quickly added the Apollo Pharmacy Gift Card to my cart and got a discount on my shopping. I used the “I am Gyfting” option and directly sent the Gift Voucher to my mother. As I had just taken care of her health, the occasion demanded a hearty meal. So, I purchased Pizza Hut Gift Vouchers at up to 5% off and took her for some extravagant fun.

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