Get Over the Conventional Ways of Gifting! Choose Gift Cards Instead

I’ve always been very fond of the idea of gifting. Needless to say that we all enjoy receiving and giving gifts as often as possible. Gifting is a great way to bond, appreciate and remind people of how much you care and think about them. However, not all gifts may put a smile upon the receiver’s face. This is because he or she may or may not like your choice of gift. 

I have always felt that the conventional way to buy gifts from retail stores can be a bit hectic. And if in the end, the person doesn’t like what you buy for them, then there is no point of gifting at all. 

Recently, I found out about digital Gift Cards that you can gift to anyone. Why I personally like about Gift Cards is that they give the freedom to a person to choose products they like! 

I myself got to know about this amazing website called GyFTR. From this e-shopping and e-gifting platform, you can purchase Gift Cards from top brands and get up to 70% off! The best thing I liked about GyFTR is that you can earn up to 2% Reward Points every time you shop. 

There is every brand available on GyFTR across multiple categories that you can imagine right from Swiggy, Make My Trip, Hotstar, Bluestone, Pantaloons, Myntra, Bata and several others. My shopping experience with GyFTR has been quite good until now. 

Gift Cards have since then become my go-to-option to show love to my near and dear ones without forcing gift items that they may not like. Gift Cards also save a lot of your time. Yes, you don’t have to spend so much time looking for the perfect gift, you can simply buy a gift card and send it directly to your friends or family members. GyFTR makes this easy too! Yes, using the ‘I am Gyfting’ option that is available below the denomination section of every brand page, you can easily send a Gift Card to your loved ones in a matter of seconds. 

As I said, that over the last few months, I have shopped exorbitantly on GyFTR and have saved a good deal of money. It won’t be an understatement to say that gifting has never been so exciting before. It has been only possible because of GyFTR. 

Happy Shopping! 

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