RBL Bank Offers: A destination for fresh offers and discounts

Life looks good when you get what you want. And It feels great if you get a little EXTRA than what you have asked for. That’s what we believe in at RBL Bank Offers. Exclusively for our customers, we offer gift cards with heavy discounts and other offers.

Let’s have a look at some discounts popular this month.

A yummy KFC discount

Juicy chicken with crispy layers that make you go “Mmmmm….” Yes, we are talking about KFC. Thanks to their online delivery, we are enjoying its chicken pieces, popcorn chicken, and rice bowls at the comfort of our homes. Because you are an RBL customer, you will get a discount of 8.5% on the vouchers of KFC. Doesn’t it sound delicious?

A stylish Myntra offer

Myntra has made it easier to get fashionable stuff with its mobile app and website. Each time you open its app, you get mesmerized by the countless options it offers. RBL brings you a 4.5% discount on Myntra gift vouchers. Now, you have more reasons to visit this fashion destination.

Celebrations must go on… with FnP & Archies

There were many pit stops in our celebrations in the last year or so. The brands like Archies and Fnp ensured we keep on delighting our loved ones. Whether through greeting cards, fresh flowers, or yummiclious cakes, we got many reasons to spread smiles. How about a flat discount of 10 percent on these vouchers? You get it if you are an RBL customer.

Hey! There are BOGO offers too

“Buy One, Get One” is one of the most beautiful phrases. At least many shoppers feel that way. When you visit RBL Bank Offers, you will come across many such offers. For example, a FREE Promo Code of another voucher with the one you are buying. Or, a voucher of a smaller value from the same brand. Every month, RBL launches special BOGO offers for the early 250 customers.

We will soon launch more deals and discounts to help you save more. Keep checking more updates from the RBL Bank Offers. Use this link: https://www.gyftr.com/rblbankoffers/.

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