Father's Day Gift Ideas

8 Coolest Father’s Day Gift Ideas for your dad

Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Father’s Day is around the corner. It’s the day to tell your superhero that he’s special. That said, finding the perfect gift for him can be tricky. Dads can be very choosy. We have a solution for you: Gift Cards for Your Father.

He can choose what he likes from the brand outlet or online store. But, which is the right gift voucher for him? That’s a valid question.

It completely depends on your dad’s preferences and lifestyle. We have listed the best Father’s day gift ideas based on them.

Gifts for the techie dad

Is your dad equally excited about new technology like you? Does he prefer keeping smartphones and accessories? If so, send him a voucher from “Mobile and Electronics.” A Blaupunkt gift voucher will give him access to the latest earphones and speakers. By the way, Go Noise and Skullcandy are also good contenders.

And, if he’s seeking home electronics or appliances, he will appreciate a Croma gift card. He can select a new washing machine, air conditioner, LED TV, or things that make a home more functional by using it.

Gifts for the fashionable dad

He prefers sharp formals for his office. However, he never compromises with the outfits he wears casually. If you can relate to it, give him a fashion brand voucher. A Peter England gift voucher will let him order blazers, shirts, trousers, and everything else one needs as a part of professional attire. A voucher from Van Heusen can also be an option.

Gifts for the punctual dad

If he’s punctual, he might love his timepieces. So surprise him with a Titan gift voucher. A Titan store is where a person heads for a mechanical, leather strap, metal strap, or minimalist. While using his voucher, your father can also choose from exquisite luxury watches that resonate with his style.

Gifts for the health-conscious dad

Health Gift Card are great as Father’s Day Gift Ideas. It’s great if your father is health-conscious. You can keep him motivated by sending a Cult Fit Live voucher. At the comfort of his home, your dad can perform workouts through mobile-video sessions. It is also good to send him a voucher for NetMeds, Apollo Pharmacy, CallHealth or Seniority if he requires medication or health supplements. In addition, these vouchers offer other medical services, like doctor’s consultations, diagnostic tests, and personal care products.

Gifts for the news-lover dad

Does your dad love read magazines and newspapers? Make it easier for him to subscribe with magazine vouchers from GyFTR. A Business Today gift voucher and a LiveMint gift voucher are good options if he prefers staying abreast of business news. You can also select a Hindustan newspaper gift voucher (both Hindi and English) for him.

Gifts for the globetrotter dad

If your father is usually more excited about upcoming vacations, this is something for him. Send a MakeMyTrip.com gift voucher or a Yatra.com gift voucher to ease up the planning process. He can choose the hotel, flights, and more just with a click of a few buttons. A voucher of Fab Hotels will let him find comfortable hotels with low tariffs.

Gifts for the online-shopper dad – Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Give him an Amazon gift voucher if he is a newbie or a seasoned online shopper. If he still prefers mom-and-pop stores, it’s time you introduce him to the world of online shopping. Use Father’s Day Gift Ideas as an occasion to do this. Could there be a better way to do so than a voucher from an online shopping portal like Amazon or Flipkart?

We hope you have discovered the right Father’s Day Gift Ideas for your hero. If not, you can always browse through the options on GyFTR. By the way, most of the vouchers are with discounts.

Don’t tell your dad 😉 😉

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