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Some people eat to live and some live to eat. The second category believes  that the purpose of life is to enjoy different food cuisines. Irrespective of the category you belong to, if delicious food comes with saving money, it is more than welcome. You can go about enjoying your scrumptious dishes without burning a hole in your pocket with GyFTR gift vouchers.

GyFTR GIFT VOUCHERS cover all cuisine

Everybody’s taste buds are different. Infact, even the same person will prefer different varieties of food at different times of the day. The choice of food depends on time, place, weather, and company, if one is not eating alone. If we take into consideration all the above permutations and combinations, it will cover almost all types of food under the sun. Our menu of food Gift Vouchers, has something to suit everybody’s taste buds.

Pizza Hut pizzas: So Light. So Crispy. So Tasty

Some people need pizzas to celebrate when they are happy. And then some people need pizzas to feel good when they are sad. Bottom line is, the pizzazz of a pizza is unparalleled. When you want to have a pizza, there is no better place than Pizza Hut. Their lip-smacking pizzas have the best combination of being light, crispy and of course tasty. When you buy Pizza Hut gift vouchers from GyFTR, you get up to 10% discount. Go ahead and have that extra side dish with your favourite pizza from our side.

‘Make your own bowl’ with Wok Express

If pizzas don’t enthuse you and if you are a fan of Chinese food, then Wok Express is for you. The best part is that they let you make your own Chinese rice/noodles bowl. Choose your portion size, rice/noodles, vegetables, proteins, sauce, seasoning and voila! Your customised bowl is ready. Apart from customised bowls, their menu offers soups, starters, momos and a long list of other mouth-watering delicacies. When you buy Wok Express gift vouchers from GyFTR, you get up to 10% discount.

Enjoy the taste of timelessness with Sigree

Not everyone prefers cross border Italian pizzas or Chinese noodles. Many people settle for nothing other than our very own desi food. To enjoy the simple magnificence and wholesomeness of Indian cuisine, Sigree is the place to head to. At Sigree, they cook slow over charcoal, a signature method for preparing food in the kitchens of Imperial India. When you buy Sigree gift vouchers from GyFTR, you get up to 15% discount.

To conclude, whatever you crave to eat today, whether Italian pizzas or Chinese noodles or Indian kebabs, GyFTR has the discounted gift vouchers for you. So head to the GyFTR website and grab your favourite food gift vouchers and relish your meal.

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