How to Use Amazon Gift Card

When it comes to choosing gifts, we often scratch our heads on what to gift so that the recipient makes the best use of it. Instead, why not let the recipient decide what he/she would like to buy. This is where gift vouchers come into the picture. Rather than gifting cash, we can gift vouchers of a popular brand like Amazon India. When it comes to using Amazon gift cards, the possibilities are almost infinite. So let us understand where to buy Amazon gift cards and how to redeem/use them.

Benefits of buying Amazon Gift Vouchers

When you buy Amazon gift vouchers from the GyFTR website, you can get various BOGO offers from time to time. The offers keep changing every month. You can also buy Amazon gift cards from the ZILLION website and get a pizza worth up to Rs. 600 with the Beer Café promo code. The offers keep changing every month. You also get up to 3 ZILLION points for every Rs. 100 spent.

How to redeem Amazon Gift Vouchers

Once you buy Amazon gift vouchers, the redemption process is quite simple as explained below:

  1. Visit the Amazon website:
  2. Click on the “Amazon Pay” link on the homepage
  3. Click on the “Add Gift Card” link
  4. Enter the gift card/voucher code and click on “Add to your balance” button
  5. Your gift card amount will be added to your Amazon Pay balance

Where can you use Amazon Pay balance

You have almost infinite options for using your Amazon Pay balance as follows:

  1. Amazon India website: The Amazon India website lists crores of products to choose from. You will get almost everything under the sun on the Amazon India website. You name it and they have it. You can pay for your purchases using Amazon Pay balance.
  2. Bill payments: Got to pay your utility bills? Pay them on Amazon using Amazon Pay balance
  3. Booking travel tickets: You can book flight tickets or bus tickets on Amazon and pay using Amazon Pay balance
  4. Movie tickets: Want to catch the latest Bollywood blockbuster? Book movie tickets using Amazon Pay
  5. Partner websites: You can use Amazon Pay for making payment for your purchases on Amazon partner websites in various categories including entertainment, food, travel tickets, health and fitness, home services, etc. Amazon India has more than 100 partners.
  6. Offline stores: You can use Amazon Pay for paying for your purchases at offline stores. Right now the offline acceptance is low but will increase soon.

Benefits of Amazon Pay

  1. You don’t need to use the entire balance at one go. Any unused balance will remain in your Amazon Pay wallet and can be used for subsequent purchases.
  2. If your entire Amazon Pay balance is insufficient to pay for a purchase, you can pay the remaining amount using any other mode of payment.
  3. Each Amazon gift card has a validity of one year. Gift cards having the earliest expiry date are used first for payments
  4. You can check your balance and transaction history from the Amazon Pay link

Limitations of Amazon Pay

  1. Amazon Pay balance cannot be used to purchase gift cards of other brands, for example, MakeMyTrip, BigBazaar, etc.
  2. Amazon Pay balance cannot be transferred to any other account or redeemed for cash.
  3. You will not earn any interest on your Amazon Pay Balance


Amazon gift cards offer you the best value for your money. The next time you want to gift someone for any occasion, go for Amazon gift cards and let the recipient decide what they want to purchase. We are sure, the recipient will thank you for the gift card.

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