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Transform your grocery shopping into a savings extravaganza! Explore exclusive deals on Amazon Fresh Vouchers from GyFTR. Elevate your shopping experience with unparalleled discounts on a diverse range of fresh and high-quality products. Whether you crave premium produce or pantry essentials, GyFTR has you covered with amazing deals. Don't settle for the ordinary – immerse yourself in extraordinary discounts and premium quality groceries.

Amazon Fresh Vouchers for Special Occasions

Indulge in the joy of cooking and elevate your culinary experiences with Amazon Fresh Vouchers. Unleash a world of fresh, high-quality ingredients right at your doorstep. From vibrant produce to pantry staples, these vouchers open the door to a gastronomic journey. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion, Amazon Fresh Vouchers add a flavorful touch to your celebrations.

Amazon Fresh Vouchers for Corporate Gifting 

Ditch the conventional corporate gifts and embrace a healthier, more thoughtful option with Amazon Fresh Vouchers. Show your appreciation to clients, motivate employees, or celebrate project milestones by gifting the goodness of fresh and nutritious choices. Elevate your corporate gifting strategy, ensuring your gesture promotes wellness and leaves a lasting impression on the recipients, making it a gift that keeps on giving.

How to Buy Amazon Fresh Vouchers?

Buy an Amazon Fresh Voucher by following these steps:

  • Login to the GyFTR website by entering your credentials.
  • Take your cursor to the E-commerce section and select Amazon Fresh Vouchers from the list.
  • Press the ADD button to select the right denomination.
  • Click on Edit/View Cart and pay with one of the applicable methods.
  • You will receive the voucher in a few minutes.

How to Redeem Amazon Fresh Vouchers?

Step 1: Visit https://www.amazon.in/vouchers

Step 2: Enter the voucher code in the “Claim New” section.

Step 3: Click on the 'Add to your Vouchers’ button to add the voucher.

Step 4: To track your voucher, visit https://www.amazon.in/vouchers

Step 5: Your Voucher Balance can be selected as a payment option during the checkout process on Amazon.in

What is an Amazon Fresh Voucher?

An Amazon Fresh Voucher is a prepaid payment instrument that can be used to purchase items listed on the Amazon Fresh page on Amazon.in. Amazon Fresh can be accessed through the URL www.amazon.in/fresh or Amazon mobile application. An Amazon Fresh Voucher has an expiry of 12 months from the date of activation, subject to applicable terms. An Amazon Fresh Voucher cannot be transferred or canceled once it is issued. Please reach out to the issuer (Pine Labs) for any queries.

How to use an Amazon Fresh Voucher?

Amazon Fresh voucher can be used to buy items listed on Amazon Fresh page on Amazon.in. When a voucher is eligible on an order (where all items in the cart are eligible for the specific voucher), Amazon Fresh Vouchers will show up as a payment option on the payment method selection page. To use 'Amazon Fresh Vouchers' for the purchase, select it on the payment method selection page. 

I don't have enough Amazon Fresh Voucher balance to pay fully for my order, can I use it with other forms of payment to complete my purchase?

If the Amazon Fresh voucher value is not sufficient, you can pay the balance using other payment options (credit card/debit card/net banking/UPI/etc.) available on the payment method selection page on Amazon.

Can I cancel my Fresh order with an Amazon Fresh voucher? 

Yes. When you return/cancel an Amazon Fresh order purchased via Amazon Fresh voucher, the respective amount paid using the Amazon Fresh Voucher minus cashback (if any as per the terms of the offer) will be refunded to the source. The vouchers will be credited to the ‘Amazon Fresh Vouchers’ balance directly. 

Likewise, if the order was placed using an Amazon Fresh Voucher along with any other payment method, then the refund will be credited back to the ‘Amazon Fresh Vouchers balance and source account related to the alternate payment method. 

I am not able to use the Amazon Fresh Voucher against my order for items listed on the Amazon Fresh page. What should I do?

If you are unable to redeem Amazon Fresh Vouchers while making payment for your Amazon Fresh order, please check if the voucher is successfully added to your account via www.amazon.in/vouchers page. If it is successfully added, you will be able to see the correct amount reflected on this page. 

If you are still not able to use the Amazon Fresh Voucher balance, please remove all items not listed on the Amazon Fresh page since they are ineligible for this purchase.

How do I purchase an Amazon Fresh Voucher? 

Amazon Fresh Voucher is currently available for purchase via 3rd party websites. If you are a corporation and want to buy these vouchers in bulk, please submit your request here.

Is It A Physical Voucher?

No, The Amazon Fresh Vouchers is a Digital Vouchers, not physical Vouchers.

How Many Times Can an Amazon Fresh Voucher Be Used?

The Amazon Fresh Voucher Is a one-time use Vouchers

What If My Amazon Fresh Vouchers Expires?

It is recommended to use the Amazon Fresh Vouchers before the mentioned expiry date to avoid disappointment.

What are the applicable payment methods to buy Vouchers?

You can complete payment using your Debit Card, Credit Card, and UPI

What are the denominations of Amazon Fresh Vouchers available?

On Credit Links, you will find Amazon Fresh Gift Vouchers with various denominations to suit your purchase requirements. The denominations of vouchers are subject to change based on availability.

What happens if I lose my Amazon Fresh Vouchers?

We’ve got you covered. Follow the instructions that appear on the chat support window. You will receive voucher details again after the final step.

What is the validity of my Amazon Fresh e-gift voucher?

We offer e-gift vouchers with a validity between 3 to 12 months. The exact details of your Amazon Fresh voucher will be provided via SMS and email.

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