Father's Day Gift Cards

Father’s Day 2024 was first celebrated in 1909 to honor fathers and fatherhood. It is a day when a child recognizes the contribution of his male parent in nurturing his/her life. In India and the US, every third Saturday of June is observed as Father’s Day.

As a part of the celebration, the children:

  • Take their father out for dinner
  • Give them meaningful gifts
  • Spend the day by indulging in outdoor activities
  • Draw and give cards with wonderful messages

It can be confusing to find the best gift for Father’s Day. On this page, you will find Father’s day gift ideas that will cheer him up.

Gift Card as Father’s Day Gift

When one thinks of a unique Father’s day gift, a gift card often pops up in the mind. The reason the gift cards/vouchers are so popular is that individuals can send them to their father in a minute. The recipient, on the other hand, can redeem the card instantly by visiting the online or physical of the brand. GyFTR brings you multiple voucher options that perfectly suit this occasion.

Best Father’s Day gifts from GyFTR

The majority of gift vouchers by GyFTR are available at a discounted price. It’s a marketplace that saves you from the hassle of visiting multiple shops or online stores to select something special to him. While sending a voucher to your father, you can add a message from the templates. You can also personalize the message by writing what you feel for him. Let’s have a look at some gift ideas for Father’s Day you will find on GyFTR.

GyFTR is offering up to 10% discount on Peter England vouchers for you. Select this option if you are looking for a Father’s Day gift from a son.

William Penn Gift Cards - You used to buy the best pens for your school or college using your pocket money from dad. It’s time to give him a special writing instrument. And, what’s the place to get one than a William Penn outlet. Each outlet has a collection of the world's finest pens, including roller pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, and quill pens. You get up to a 10% discount on its voucher when you get one from GyFTR. Many individuals consider it one of the best Father day gift ideas from a daughter.

Seniority Gift Cards - Seniority is a boon for all those individuals who require mobility aids, general wellness aids, bathroom aids, and other healthcare products, during their senior years. This online store also offers nutritional supplements, healthy food items, ayurvedic supplements, etc. You can give a Seniority gift card to your dad if he requires such products regularly. At GyfTR, we are offering a discount of 12% on its vouchers.

Flipkart Gift Cards - Online shoppers consider it one of the safest Father’s day gift ideas for kids. The reason is that your dad can select from millions of items listed on Flipkart. If he’s looking for tools to repair stuff, he can get it from here. If he’s been eyeing at a home appliance, he will find it on Flipkart. And, if he wants a new shirt for the office or party --  you guessed it right -- he can get it from Flipkart. There’s a reason it’s one of the hottest selling vouchers.

India Today Gift Cards - Watching news to stay updated is something a majority of dads from India love to do. Can you relate to it? Perhaps your dad has asked you to do so to know what’s going on in the city and the world. A subscription to India Today magazine is something he’s going to like for sure. In fact, it should be on every list of Father’s Day gift ideas in India.

The magazine vouchers from GyFTR come with a discount of up to 40%.

Machaan Gift Cards - Your father might deny it, but he needs a break from his regular life. Help him unwind by giving a Machaan gift card. He can visit the place with your mom, his friends, his business contacts, or the entire family to have a delicious meal in the midst of the forest area. It’s an experience he will never forget.

How to send a Father’s day gift instantly?

The process to send a Happy Father’s day gift instantly is extremely simple:

  1. Log in to the GyFTR website with your credentials.
  2. Open up one of the brand pages from the options available.
  3. Choose the quantity and value of the voucher you want to send.
  4. Check the box “I am Gyfting.”
  5. Choose the occasion and enter the contact details of your dad.
  6. Hit the Checkout button and pay using your GyFTR Pay balance or another method.

We will deliver the voucher to your dad in a few minutes. The best part is that you can send the Father’s Day gift to India at a lightning speed despite your location.

How can my dad redeem the voucher online?

Your dad can redeem his father’s day gift voucher online by:

  1. Opening up the online store of the brand.
  2. Adding the products he likes to the cart.
  3. Entering the voucher code during payment.

How can my Dad redeem the voucher offline?

Your dad can redeem his father’s day gift voucher offline by:

  1. Visiting an outlet locator near his location. He needs to use the Store Locator option on the brand page of GyFTR for this purpose. You can send the details of the store to help him.
  2. Selecting the product or service from the eligible store or restaurant.
  3. Showing the voucher details at the billing counter to get the amount deducted from the final bill.

He will have to pay the difference by available payment methods in case the bill exceeds the voucher amount.

Best Wishes!!

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