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Explore Woggles e-Pay Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards on GyFTR to elevate your eyewear collection and seize fantastic deals and discounts.

Woggles e-Pay Gift Cards for Special Occasions:

In the realm of thoughtful gifts, the versatility of Woggles e-Pay Gift Cards is unmatched. Whether it's a New Year, Diwali, Birthdays, or Anniversaries, gift your loved ones the joy of choice with Woggles e-Pay Gift Vouchers. Witness their faces light up with delight as they pick from a range of quality products and make every occasion unforgettable.

Woggles e-Pay Gift Cards for Corporate Gifting:

Navigating corporate gifting just got easier with Woggles e-Pay Gift Vouchers. Elevate your gifting game by presenting your employees, partners, and associates with the freedom to choose. Your gesture of appreciation will be etched in their minds, fostering a reciprocal spirit. Experience the art of corporate gifting with Woggles and open the door to gratitude and goodwill.

How to Buy Woggles e-Pay Gift Cards from GyFTR?

  • Log in to www.gyftr.com or create a new account.
  • Navigate to the Fashion section. Choose “Woggles” from the list.
  • Choose the Gift Voucher value and quantity, then proceed to checkout.
  • Complete the payment using your preferred method, and your Woggles e-Pay Gift Card will be promptly delivered.

How to Redeem Woggles e-Pay Gift Cards?

You can redeem your Woggles e-Pay Gift Card by following the steps below.

  • Step 1: Visit the website at  www.woggles.in 
  • Step 2: Choose the product of your choice and click on ‘Add to Cart’
  • Step 3: At the check-out payment page, select the e-Pay option. Enter your mobile no. followed by OTP for entering the Woggles e-Pay Gift Voucher (GV).
  • Step 4: Click on the ‘Add Gift Vouchers to your e-Pay Balance’. Your e-Pay GVs will be listed there. You can manually enter the e-Pay GV by clicking ‘Add Gift Voucher Manually’. You can pay for the balance amount, if any, by using any of the available payment modes.

What happens if the final bill is more than the e-Pay Gift Card amount?

If the total bill crosses the value of the e-Pay Gift Voucher, settle the outstanding balance through any of the available payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, UPI, etc. 

Is It A Physical Gift Card?

No, the Woggles e-Pay Gift Card is not a physical Gift Card. You will receive your Gift Card via SMS/email/WhatsApp. 

What If My Woggles e-Pay Gift Card Expires?

Gyftr advises you to redeem your Woggles e-Pay Gift Card before the validity date. The Gift Card shall be invalid after the date mentioned in the details of the Gift Card.

How Many Times Can A Woggles e-Pay Gift Card Be Used?

Woggles e-Pay Gift Card can be used multiple times until the e-Pay balance gets exhausted.

What Are The Available Denominations Of A Woggles e-Pay Gift Card?

The available denominations of a Woggles e-Pay Gift Card are as follows:

  • 500
  • 1000

How Can I Gift Woggles e-Pay Gift Voucher?

You can gift a Woggles e-Pay Gift Card to anyone using the following steps:

  • Select the Card amount by pressing the ADD button
  • Choose the option “I am Gyfting”. Enter the recipient’s details
  • Press the CHECKOUT button. Pay using one of the payment options
  • The recipient will receive the Gift Card in a few minutes
  • How should you buy a Woggles  Gift Card?
  • On Gyftr.com you can pay using your Debit Card, Credit Card, and UPI

What Happens If I Lose My Woggles e-Pay Gift Card?

We’ve got you covered. Follow the instructions on the GyFTR chat support window or the Whatsapp help icon. You will receive your Gift Card details again after the final step.

In case you lose the original Woggles e-Pay Gift Card, obtain a duplicate voucher instantly:

  1. Click on the chat assistant icon present in the top right corner.
  2. Select the “I have lost my voucher” option.
  3. Enter the mobile number used to purchase the voucher.
  4. Enter the OTP received on that number.
  5. Receive the voucher details again in a few minutes.


Explore exclusive deals on Woggles e-Pay Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards only on GyFTR and step into a world of stylish eyewear today!


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