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Healthkart is a renowned brand in the health and wellness industry, dedicated to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. With a comprehensive range of authentic nutritional supplements, vitamins, and fitness products, Healthkart ensures that customers have access to top-quality products for their well-being. The brand goes beyond just selling products by offering expert guidance, personalized recommendations, and reliable customer support. Healthkart has become a trusted partner for fitness enthusiasts, providing them with the tools and resources to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

With Healthkart Gift Cards fitness is just a click away

  1. Explore the greatest selection of bodybuilding supplements.
  2. Helps you in product comparison before purchase.
  3. Access to special discounts and deals.
  4. High-safety standards
  5. Simple shipping and return procedures.

This health & fitness brand regularly offers deals and discounts on Healthkart services through its online portal. At GyFTR, get additional savings with Healthkart Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers.

Healthkart ensures that customers have access to top-quality products for their well-being. are the perfect gifting solution for health-conscious individuals. With these gift cards, recipients can explore and choose from a wide range of nutritional supplements, fitness products, vitamins, and more. Whether they are fitness enthusiasts, athletes, or someone looking to improve their overall well-being, Healthkart Gift Cards allow them to select products that align with their specific goals and preferences. It's a thoughtful and convenient way to inspire and support their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Gift Healthkart Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers on special occasions. These Gift Cards are also ideal for those special days like Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Mother’s Day, or Rakshabandhan. So that they can make the most of the services provided by Healthkart according to their body type. 

How to buy GyFTR Healthkart Gift Card?

To buy a Healthkart Gift Card, follow these steps:

  • Login to GyFTR’s website using your mobile number and PIN. You need to create a new account if you don’t have an account.
  • Visit Healthkart’s brand page by clicking its link under the “Health & Wellness” category.
  • On the page that opens, select the quantity and voucher value.
  • Click on the CHECKOUT button and make payment using a debit/credit card, net banking, GyFTR Pay, or other payment modes.

You will instantly receive your Healthkart Gift Card within a few minutes.

How to redeem GyFTR Healthkart Gift Card?

To redeem a Healthkart Voucher, follow these steps:

  • 1. Customer can visit https://www.healthkart.com and login
  • 2. Click on account/user and go to HK Cash
  • 3. Enter your Gift Card no. under “Avail HK Cash through Gift Card”
  • 4. Add the product of your choice in your cart and pay via HK Cash

Is this a physical Gift Card?

No, GyFTR does not sell physical Gift Cards. This is an E-Gift Voucher. You will receive your Healthkart Gift Voucher via sms or email.

How many times can a Healthkart Gift Card be used?

A Healthkart Gift Card can only be used once. This Gift Card cannot be reused.

What if my Healthkart Gift Card expires?

It’s advisable to use your Healthkart Gift Card before the given expiration date to avoid disappointment.

What are the available denominations of the Healthkart Gift Cards?

The available denominations of the Healthkart Gift Cards are as follows :

  • 500
  • 1000

Can I share my Healthkart Gift Card with someone else?

As a user needs the voucher code Healthkart to redeem it, you can share your Healthkart Gift Card with anyone else. They will have to follow the steps mentioned above.

What can I purchase with my Healthkart Gift Card?

Using your Healthkart Gift Card, you can avail of the Healthkart services available on its app including personalized diet plans & fitness plans. 

What happens if the total bill crosses the value of the Healthkart Gift Card?

If the total bill crosses the Healthkart Gift Card value, you need to pay the remaining amount using one of the payment methods available on the brand’s website.

What is the validity of my Healthkart Gift Card?

The validity of the Gift Cards that GyFTR offer depends on the value and the brand. We provide this detail with the voucher code via email and/or SMS.

Can I club my Healthkart card with an existing offer by the brand?

Yes, even if Healthkart runs its offers and discounts, you can use your Healthkart Gift Card. There are no restrictions related to deals and discounts.

What if I lose my Healthkart Gift Card?

In case you lose your Healthkart Gift Card, follow the steps given below

  • Visit www.gyftr.com and click on the ‘Virtual Assistant’ option on the bottom right.
  • Choose the ‘I have lost my voucher’ option.
  • Enter the mobile number used to buy your Healthkart Gift Card.
  • From the listed brands, select ‘Healthkart’
  • Choose the transaction date to recover your Healthkart Gift Card.

I am facing issues with my Healthkart Gift Card. Whom should I contact?

If you face issues with your Healthkart Gift Card, call 1800 1033 314 or email help@gyftr.com.

Get the best deals and discounts with a Healthkart Gift Card!

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